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Civoneciva a Panther!



I am absolutely devo'd that the great Petrol Seventy Cents a Litre is now a Panther. I hate the panthers..

Salary Cap is bullshit. I am so ****** off right now it isnt funny.

Effectively it means that the Broncos have swapped Petrol for Joel Clinton. Thats like trading in a Hummer for a Suzuki 4WD... so ****!
OH REALLY?...i didnt see this comin HA!...we nabbed tate and panthers got petero

this will be wierd..i fought petero was one of those one club players..never pictured him moving...this gives me the feeling that this could be the down fall of such a highly active career..

hope not...and joel clinton hasnt been the same since sonny bill's shoulder high fived his chest
Poor Broncos :( Tate to Warriors, Civenoceiva to Panthers, Berrigan to Super Duper League (Hull??).
Ahhh, thats right.. I heard he turned down something, I just thought it was the Panthers lmao
cant believe we have let the best prop in the game go to the wooden spooners UNBELIEVABLE
cant believe we have let the best prop in the game go to the wooden spooners UNBELIEVABLE [/b]
We didn't let him go as such. We tried as hard as we could to keep him. $300 000 per season was offered by the Broncos. The Broncos saw that he only had a couple of seasons left in the tank so there was no point in offering him $400 000. Panthers offered $350 000 and he took it. Good on him.
I cant believe this. Hes one of the best forwarsd in the comp, if not THE best. Guttered. And Tates gone, but not that bothered.. just no one will replace Cinonivcaiva. Him and Webcke gone in two seasons.
I think you're also forgetting we're losing Berrigan and Thorn aswell.

That'll be 4 internationals in Webke, Civenoceiva, Tate and Berrigan leaving as well as Brad Thorn, all in 2 seasons.

I seriously think the Broncos could struggle next year, despite the fact we'll have Peter Wallace and Joel Clinton. People seriously underrate Berrigan's worth, I think without him as our utility and his superb darting runs from dummy half I think next year may just be a 'development year'.

Poor Broncos.
I think it is a shame that someone of Peteros tallent and ablility has to finish his carreer in penrith, i have got nothing against penrith, however it is a shame to see a prop of his caliber to have to go and play week in and week out next year for a team with only tree good players and that is including himself, with the other two being wesser and Tony Puletua. Civoniceva will be doing all the work for the panthers next year and it is a shame he had to leave the broncos and finish his remarkable carrear in penrith.
Although the Broncos copped it about this saga it was Petero's Manager who F'd up the deal.
Once again, Petero had a fantastic game.

I'm upset that he won't be finishing his career at the Broncos.
The Salary Cap is a joke, wonder whats the chances of the NRL seeing another one-club player (possibly Lockyer but thats about it).
The Broncos are gonna struggle in the seasons to come. Not only are they losing him but theyre losing others and eventually, Lockyers gonna leave cos he's getting fair old. Theyre losing heaps of experience quickly. It's a good pickup for the panthers though. He'll be a great leader and should do well.
wow thas dumb, how long has he been a bronco? that woulda been good to see him farewelled by the team he grew with, though i guess when he retires hell still be considered a bronco

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