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COD: Black Ops

Ha ha, I read that yesterday. Serves him right the little runt.
He's a hacker - He's now bound to go on to a long a fruitful career with MI6!
Either that or Electronic Arts offers him a contract to buff up the security on their end ;)
Surely if he was good enough to hack the game, surely he must have been good enough to reach a high level on his own accord?
Or is he just lazy?
Wow, that kid should really stand back and take a look at his life!
So I had my first go at this game last night.

Was good...nothing much to change from COD4 days as that game was perfect....and they added stuff on which was fantastic...loved the flying stuff haha!

Got killed badly online as always...but I was very surprised to find I was saying certain phrases I thought I would never say whenever I shot someone...which was rare "Yeah did you feel that?"..."Oh man that must have hurt"...."Whose the man now!"...Haha hilarious that this game brought out those words from the mouth of an ageing gamer.
kids a genius goodonim...lol.....this games d bomb..... lovin the dolphin dive.....been doin some blockbuster kills... best kd ratio yet 33-0
Finished the campaign last nigth it's bloody good the story doesn't quite make sens till near the end but that makes it another reason to play it so you understand WTF is going on. It was really the first game witch was almost worth it for the campaign since the 3rd.