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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by St Day 3, Jun 10, 2007.

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  3. That is weird. There's like a clip of Joe jumping for the ball and like crossing up a guy in a suit.
  4. jgough

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  5. shtove

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    That piece uses horror film techniques - especially the music, but the cutaways and variable focus as well.
  6. Swansea99

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    Saw this ad months ago, Still have the same emotion.

  7. Fitzblado

    Fitzblado Guest

    anything for a few bob! why are they doin the old haka?
  8. Joel

    Joel Guest

    It's actually weird.

    I ignored it's sponsorship of the recent Iveco series with France and I've only just found out what they do now. Guess it shows how tiny we are in NZ to have our team sponsored by a company with a small presence in NZ. Perhaps it's bigger than I think - I'm not exactly interested in commercial vehicles.

    By the way - the haka in the ad isn't the old haka, the new one (Kapa o Panga) is supposedly a special one.
  9. KoroRoopu

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    That was interestingly scary...:p
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