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    Man oh man. Have you guys seen the mess at Cricket South Africa. Not good, not good at all.

    Standard Bank this morning announced they won't renew their sponsorship agreement with CSA in April. After their affiliation of over 20 years with the sport and the main sponsor of the international ODI's, T20's and Tests.

    Sunfoil, the other main sponsor wrote an open letter demanding the resignation of the CEO and the President of CSA.

    2 of the independant directors have resigned already because of the maladministration of the CSA board, how the CEO is abusing his power and spending money he shouldn't.

    3 CSA officials were recently suspended for doing their job.

    The SA Cricketers Association has a pending court case against CSA for the illegal use of player names without compensation. Plus they are threatening to strike as well.

    The Current domestic T20 series is being badly funded by CSA without any sponsorship deals.

    The CEO called a press briefing, and then cancelled it the very last minute.

    The Media spokesperson couldn't answer questions when he was asked at a previous press conference.

    CSA banned certain well-respected journalists from all their media events. To the outrage of nearly every corner of the cricketing community.

    This is an all-time low for the sport, worse than the Hansie Cronje saga, the 1999 CWC semi-final or the 2003 CWC D/L debacle.
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