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csrtt815 Rugby08 graphic mod thread!!

sorry to bug you dude but is there any chance of the ospreys away kit being released in the near future?
hi wanted to know if you could help me find the files to change the cover sticks, flags, etc. because I am creating the Magners League.
I already did the corresponding logos with photoshop and save them in PNG file, then with the substituted fshed files but when I open the game remain as they were originally, you can help me?
Any chance of a springbok wc kit?
would like a springbok shirt with a springbok on the front and not in the sleeve :) I bet a modder can find space for it on the front - unlike the bosses who pretended they couldnt
There are bok kits that have it on front
But I wouldn't be the right one,it would only be 4 uBut I wouldn't be the right one,it would only be 4 u
I just wont to say Sorry guys for no more updates-patches as HB and EA have ditched us PC players and buyers and modders for only console games so ive given up the ghost!! im really sorry but i am modding other games that are on PC. . . so when HB desides to come back to us long lasting PC gamers like over 20 years then ill be back?

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