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ha ha ha - no he hasnt - and he never will be

read on and find out why


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Delve commits his future to Wales 

Delve has been hotly tipped for Wales' Six Nations squad
Outstanding young Bath number eight Gareth Delve has confirmed that his international hopes are with Wales.
The Cardiff-born 23-year-old qualifies for England by residency, but dreams of playing for the land of his birth.

"England is not going to happen," said Delve. "I've been eligible for a long time but my heart's with Wales, that is where I see my international career."

Delve has been hotly tipped for a call up to the Wales Six Nations squad, due to be named on 17 January.

That would cap a remarkable fightback from an appalling series of injuries that meant he had only started three games in his five years at Bath before this season.

Delve, a product of Bristol's renowned Colston's College, has undergone shoulder reconstruction and overcome a damaged cruciate ligament in his right knee and a broken foot.

He actually made the Wales squad under Steve Hansen in 2003, playing as a substitute in the non-cap 48-35 loss to the Barbarians at the Millennium Stadium.

  The injuries did start to get me down and frustrated

Gareth Delve

He was set for the summer tour of Australia and New Zealand and the autumn World Cup, but instead underwent a second shoulder operation after injuring himself in the Baa-Baas game.

"Being called into the Welsh squad was a dream come true," Delve told BBC Sport Wales.

"For that to disappear within 24 hours and to be out of the tour and the World Cup was very hard to take, compounded by the fact that I still hadn't won a Welsh cap."

The frustration was enhanced as he saw back-rowers from his peer group advancing their careers.

"I'm a bit younger than Ryan Jones and Andy Lloyd, they were always the big names in the age groups above me," said Delve, who has previously been heralded as 'the new Scott Quinnell'.

"Ryan took his chances really well last year, to come back as the star of the Lions tour was just exceptional.

Jones' surgery a success 

"He's a great bloke and we were all happy for him. It was tragic for him to aggravate that shoulder injury when he played against us [Bath] in the Powergen Cup, but he'll get over it and come back even stronger next season."

Jones can surely take heart from Delve as he begins the long road to recovery.

"The injuries did start to get me down and frustrated," admitted the quietly spoken youngster.

"But the way Bath have stuck by me has meant the world to me and has made my recovery so much easier.

I am an ambitious guy who has always set high targets and I still feel that I can achieve them

Gareth Delve

"I hope that I showed enough between my injuries to justify their faith in me and that I'm now proving them right."

Delve is, indeed, one of the form players in the Guinness Premiership, a point highlighted by a spectacular late 70m interception try in the recent win over Worcester.

"It's been great, I finally feel like I'm starting to get somewhere and coming into a bit of form," said Delve.

"I think I have a pretty high work rate, a decent turn of speed, and can be physical when necessary. And I'm working on all aspects of my game.

"There are great players at Bath to help me out, just look at the quality of our second row [Danny Grewcock and Steve Borthwick].

"In the Premiership you're facing a lot of players who have been the cream of the crop for a long time and they just spur you to improve.

"I know that [Wales coaches] Mike Ruddock and Scott Johnson watch a lot of the Premiership, so I don't think playing in England hurts my international prospects.

"It's nice to even be considered for the Six Nations, but for the moment the main thing is to stay injury free and to progress with Bath.

"I am an ambitious guy who has always set high targets, though, and I still feel that I can achieve them.

"There are a lot of things ahead in my rugby career that I really want to make happen and that's what has driven me.

"But after all the injuries I try not to set specific goals now, I take things as they come."[/b]
Firstly, you've spectacularly failed to spell "off" in the ***le of the thread. Congratulations.

Secondly, it isn't that much of a loss to England. Corry leads the team well from 8, and players like James Forrester are coming through to play 8 in the future.

I'm sure Delve will do well though coming from Colston's, assuming he remains injury free.
James Who? ha ha, im just playin dawg. What is this Delve bloke like anywho.
Delve a young No.8 at Bath. Made his debut four or five years ago, but has had some horrible injuries. He's fully fit now, and has quickly become our first choice 8 over Zak Feaunati. He's a very good athlete, and is surprisingly quick (against Worcester a few weeks ago he ran in a 75m interception try, outpacing Thinus Delport).

He was never going to play for England anyway. His father's Welsh (his mother's from Hong Kong), and he'd always said he wanted to play for Wales. He would have gone to the World Cup is he hadn't knackered his shoulder. The only reason this speculation came about was because someone realised the technicality that he wasn't officially capped, like the situation with Johnny O'Connor a couple of years ago.

yes thats right - after winning the gs and beatin australlia - we are in such a dismal state

please all the better teams loan us money
We dont need that much help we still have some great players,



Only to name a few, just coz we got heno out dont mean we need help!We still have a great second string team that can replace where players are missing. As lora rightly said we did beat Australlia with them.
yeah i dont really think we need that much help to be honest - were hardyl in a state of dismay - 2004 autum series we did worse than last years and still went onto win the gs - i think the autum series helped to bring a few players into the fray - such as m.j watkins,daffyd james and lee byrne
Originally posted by loratadine@Jan 8 2006, 02:09 PM
2004 autum series we did worse than last years and still went onto win the gs
Hardly. You came within a point of NZ, and 2 of SA. This year it was nowhere near as close.

It is only right that Delve is capped by Wales, but for their sake's, do it in the 6N. Otherwise, we might get him, although I doubt Robinson will ever cap any under 26 again.
i doubt it too - but can i ask you a question - if you were an englishmen - playing in wales and wales came knocking at youre door - would you play for wales or keep trying to catch the eye of your home nation?
it's true that we didn't get as close as last years but you must put into place that we had our SECOND string team out. We wee still recovering from Clives "Injury" tour to new zealand. As with most nations we had players injuryed, but we had most of our first team out.
Originally posted by loratadine@Jan 8 2006, 02:15 PM
i doubt it too - but can i ask you a question - if you were an englishmen - playing in wales and wales came knocking at youre door - would you play for wales or keep trying to catch the eye of your home nation?
Depends on how likely it is to be capped by his home nation - take MVG, he knows he will never be likely to be capped by NZ, so has become an Englishman, and hopefully soon an English player. In an ideal world, every would play for their home nation, but if that isn't going to happen with this nation, then international rugby is still attractive.
oh my god, were gonna pick him anyway, so it dont matter. we havent got enough strength in depth not to
harrison2468, got a point if you aint going to be picked for your home nation then coming over here is a good way to get playing international rugby. It's true we need depth but we could manage without him we have some great players comeing through such as watson and if push comes to shove we could bring back some older players. For example martin madden.
he might be a pie machine but hes one great fella. i reckon that he should be elected for King he just great. Why he doesn't have a permit welsh place i dont know????

Proably due to his excesive eating habits and his short temper
Well I know I'm being harsh but he did have a long injury lay off so it's no wonder he took a fancy to the pies. Was amazed he made it through 70 mins on Saturday carrying that weight.
injury? i dont see why they couldnt include him as an impact player. I mean they shud experiment before 2007. Martyn Madden has got the potential to blah blah blah blah...

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