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Early Release

online for me has been terrible.
probably coz i havent been able to connect to it yet, gaaah
The sidhe forum is mainly fairly negative on the game - waiting for more gametime before I make a final verdict (bloody cricket!!!) - but from what I have played so far I am far from impressed............

On harder difficulties I am currently finding it hard to score (except from very close range where it is TOO easy), but the real concern is the non scoring by the computer on these same levels.

I mean, I can only improve on attack, but will the computer attacking AI improve.......

Responsiveness is a real concern as well. Pass to play maker sort of works 25% of the time, a couple of times I've wanted to pass one way but dummy half has passed the other(???), defenders seem to be allergic to tackling (more often then not overrunning the attacker), passing is still very poor (ball always goes behind your winger???), players have turning circles of large Kenworths, the list goes on and on.......

Apparently (I havn't reached the rep games yet) in franchise when you get to the rep games you'll have a whole lot of unknown players in these sides from the very first season. One guy on the SIDHE forums has reached the ANZAC test in his FIRST SEASON and in that game there was only 6 recognisable players between the two teams. The rest of the teams was made up of computer created players that don't appear anywhere else in the game except for rep games......(????), and even those "recognisable" players are randomly picked as some players that havn't played all season are then picked for rep sides (so much for Marios "rep teams picked on form" comments).

After a great debut with RL1 have SIDHE stuffed this one up???
This sounds terrible.
From what I remember,both WCR and Rugby2005 have had good reviews here,at first.
If even the 1st impression is bad..
Hell, I'm hoping with more game time I'll "unlock" what makes this game playable/enjoyable - havn't succeeded as yet...........

What about some of the cutscenes?? Theres one common one where the player seems to be looking at low flying aircraft (???), another which shows one player in the distance with nobody around him (thought that might be alright for a fullback, but a prop standing seemingly by himself on defense??? - did he forget to leave at halftime?), and every time you miss a kick at goal the offending player collapses to his knees and has a mental breakdown requiring him to leave the field for professional help ("hey mate its only a missed conversion, we are already 50 points ahead on the scoreboard").