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Rugby League 2 shipping today! http://www.gpstore.co.nz/News/Archive/2552.html
Posted by Matt on Tuesday, 6th December 2005 @ 10:34AM

Sidhe Interactive's Rugby League 2 is shipping earlier than expected - today, in fact!

There's still a handful of free Warriors controllers from Mad Catz left for the PlayStation 2 version of the game, so order your copy now to secure yours before they run out!

Rugby League 2 features a whole lot more than the first version of the game, including a franchise mode, online play and numerous gameplay improvements. We can't wait to give the Aussies another thrashing this weekend...
Damn. I order basically all of my games with them. Except this one.

Ah well.
yeah well I am assuming it's the pre orders going out today with in store release tomorrow. So maybe the game is going to releasee everywhere tomorrow instead of Thursday.
Good spotting ESOJ

i reckon my EB is just going to call me on thursday

I mean all this early release talk would just make the staff rebel against extra work.

They'd be like

"eerrm yeah we got it in, but u cant get it till thursday"

ie the pricks are lazy, and dont wanna unpack, except for themselves and their nerd alert mates
yeah well most places have stock of both platforms now I think so looks like release in nz will proabbly be tomorrow instead of on the 8th. I noticed on the gp site that all of their due dates have changed to the 7th for both pc and ps2. I think other stores could follow suit
Has anyone actually confirmed that the pc version has arrived (still hasnt at my local)
I don't know exactly what version but radman on the sidhe forums has it. got it from gamesman in lower hutt.
Originally posted by esoj@Dec 6 2005, 11:53 AM
I don't know exactly what version but radman on the sidhe forums has it. got it from gamesman in lower hutt.
He's the only one on the sidhe forums worth having a chat...although lived their 24/7.

good on him
i just got a missed call from EB


now i gotto get out of work


I have a dinner at 7pm..............means i leave no later than 6pm....got i love life!!!
I have no idea what is going on with the pc version at all. locksley seems to have some inside info on it though

edit just quickly checked some sites dse don't seem to have any pc stock at all but there ps2 seems to in stock just waiting to be released.

gameplanet have both due for the 7th and seem to be shipping out pre-orders today

gamesman have both due for the 8th and in wellington lower hutt seem to be either selling or sending out pre-orders
Id finally let my guard down, and stopped worrying about the pc release. You think that two days out, they would at least hav told people earlier, theres going to be alot of people F**ked off by this, and the worst part is most wont know it til thursday.

Ill cancel my preorder 2morrow morning.
Well I call EB

EB madness has struck again

They are just calling people that they can pick them up on thursday

Which means they have it in, but wont release them

Even though I have paid for it......they tell you to pre-order to get it earlier...where's that particular incentive TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

I legally should have it by Midnight Wednesday, if i want to get as nitty gritty as them

This arvo i am going to go in and sort them out..........even though it never works.
At least youll get it in thursday(I presume your talking about ps2 version) pc gamers will have to wait.
maybe ceejay maybe. most nz places still have it due in on the 8th or in gp nz case tomorrow.

Hard to say their ak mate but I know in nz at place like gp store when you pre order they normally send the game out the day before so that you can sometime in the morning the next day before the shops open. Eb I don't really know what their policy is but I assume it's similar to gp store nz
One of the guys from sidhe said that there would be no delay, short of a plane crash,natural disaster etc, thats too much of a big lie for them to tell isnt it? It cant be delayed?! ( im going into denial)

the only reason i can think of for a delay, is that they signed some deal with sony to delay the release at the last minute in order to maximise PS2 sales. thats my conspiracy theory for the day.
lol fair enough. yeah if there is pc delay it would have to be something massive. people on sidhe forums have confirmed that eb will have both available on thursday. just been reading the sidhe forums and it seems a few stors are now at least allowing pick up of pre orders and it seems that the release now will be tomorrow at most places
Yeah, the guys over at rugby league2 forums said that EB has both, but they wont be releasing pc on the 8th coz they have not been advised of a release date.
yeah defintely seems like some store are stil sticking to the 8th while some are at least alowing pre-orders to be picked up.

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