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Edinburgh Back with SRU



Well yeah, thats exactly it. The amount of times I've gone past Murrayfield and there's been heehaw advertising of the game.

Rememeber all the advertising of the Glasgow game? Around 5,000 showed up then from what I remember. The SRU should sit up and take notice.

ecks tartan army

going to my first edinburgh game on friday! :D (sorry, supporting ulster though)

but advertising is a must if the game is to grow! and this is the Ideal time to do it! Scotland, at this rate, could become "the best side in the Northern Hemisphere" going on world cup positions - it may be 10/20 years before we can drum up the same interest in the game in Scotland. Lineen was in fridays GH calling for the SRU to tap into RWC interest - i just hope the bigwigs take note!

and its also up to us fans to take it upon ourselfs to increase crowds - ive set a warriors forum the tarket of getting at least 1 sell-out this season - achievable if everyone brings just 1 friend with them!