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Emo Vs Chav

Emo Vs Chav

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<div align="center">EMO VS <span style="color:#cc66cc">CHA<span style="color:#ff9966">V




In a perfect world we would be able to shoot them both and get community service awards.

But I prefer Chavs, their music is the lesser of the two evils, and they aren't a problem in NZ.

So the Chavs would win, but I'll just shoot the survivors anyway and collect by community service award.
probably the chavs which would be a disgrace because here they carry around their hats in one hand and hold up their pants with another

the emos wouldnt put up much of a fight besides the fact that the guys are about 90 pounds, the girls are they only ones that can put up a fight. now bear in mind that the girls are usually 200 pound + and try to fit into skin tight jeans and checkered see through shirts.. enough to scare any man into wishing he had a vagina.

plus well, the emos wouldnt put up a huge fight because they'd be busy slittin their wrists anyhow
of course chavs will win against emos.

try to yell abuse at an emo and they run away sobbing but i assume if you do the same to a chav, they will throw an empty spirits bottle at you.

chavs are savage and emos are softcocks
You forget though, a chav is only 'tough' because they're surrounded by their pals; Get one on their own and they're the weakest pussies you'll ever gave the pleasure of knocking the crap out if.

Emos aren't a problem but want to kill themselves anyway, so it's easier to leave them to it.
I don't think 'chav' is the same sort of group as emo is so you can't really put them against each other.
Both of them make extremely fashion and supposed personality statements, of course they're in the same group. I think Chavs would win. I generally find what I suppose you could call chavs over here overall more pleasant then those world-hating mascara-wearing depressed heroine addicts.
Emo's in my case obviousley because:

Their attitude to society doesn't discust me as chavs obviousley do.

They would only harm themselves instead of others.

And their music is far greater...

I can't stand either of these groups, but the truth is the emo kids are too upset about their daddys not buying them the car they wanted so they go pseudo-goth to lash out "Hate me today, Hate me tomorrow." They play that f___ing song at my gym every f___ing day...News alert, I already hate you, today, tomorrow and forever you eyeliner-wearing reject.
And the chavs...grow up, you can't be idiots for the rest of your lives.
And the chavs...grow up, you can't be idiots for the rest of your lives.

Oh I think they can.

Never been in a McDonalds and taken a look at the staff?
Big call.

As irritating as some of them may be, I don't have a lot against the Emos. One day they will realise that skateboards, black eyeliner and black fingernails are just silly. They do grow out of it. Their music is horrendous and they are a bunch of drama queens. But do they actually do any damage?

Put them next to chavs, and the answer is no.

However, the Burberry/Lacoste clad ******** are a menace to society. These little ASBOS should all be rounded up, and tortured (by the means of the Jon Bon Jovi greatest hits album) or with some sort of cattleprod until they renounce Burberry, renounce alcohol, renounce kids before 16 and just generally decide to become normal, decent people. [/rant]
ive got a soft spot for both.

some chavs girls are quite hot, in a cheap trashy "i wnt to degrade u sort of way"

however some emo girls, are reall reall cute, i like girls a bit diff, when i say diff i dont mean the elephant man, but theres sumfing about a girl wif dyed black hair and a few minor piercings tht gets my crank going, i regulalry frequend the meze lounge in newport and screw about with many a scene cutie.

make love not war

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