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TV vs streaming


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Jun 12, 2015
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New Zealand
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new here and I'm sure this question has been posted many times, please forgive my stupidity, it isn't contagious.
We are getting rid of our pay tv, too expensive, mostly crap programes etc. We will be streaming tv in via the modem. Only thing is it would seem that there isn't a good reliable online streamer for rugby. I don't want illegal and am willing to pay for a good provider. Does anyone know of one?

http://www.rugby.livesport.tv/home, but they use geoblocks, so you'd have to use VPN or SmartDNS (there's at least one service that supports the site). The site could be better, though, but it's pretty reliable and the quality is ok if you consider the price. I really wish there were services like NHL Game Center live et al. for rugby.
Thanks for your reply. Unless l'm reading the site wrong. It doesn't look like I can get super 15 coverage in Nz from this site

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