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Empire at War



Anyone played it? I have been on and off since i got it last week and its pretty good.

looking forward to some of the mods that are coming out. yoda is coming lol.

anyway the planet battles are pretty cool, some of the units you get are pretty cool, pity the only way to upgrade if you are on the rebellion side is by stealing technology from the empire. so they are always ahead of you.

its very hard but can be quite a good game.

the space battles are ok, could have been more 3d than what they are, but the cinematic feature is pretty cool watching the space battles :)

anyone else thought of getting this game? and want a game online?
I was going to get it, but too many reviews said that the batttles are head on clashes with little room for strategy. I was kind of hoping for a rome total war style of game but with star wars. Plus, with the 360 comin next week i thought id better leave it.
Played the demo, thought it was terrible. It's just your average command and conquer rubbish.

The Total War series is the only wargame worth playing at the moment.

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