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English Premier League



Saturday April 29. This morning i watched Chelsea defeat Manchester United, and in effect, win the EPL.

Soon after the initial broadcast of the game was done, they came back and it was time for Chelsea to celebrate, get their medals, trophy, all that good ****. What really irked me today however, was that some players on the Chelsea team that did not play enough games, did not receive medals. I think that is complete bullshit. They are just as important as any other player on that team, and that is regardless of how many games they played in they are still a part of that team, and therefor they should receive a medal. If it wasnt for them, who would the Chelsea players who did get medals, scrimmage against in training? Who would they compete against in 11 v 11 intersquad matches in training?

I just think it is a unfair thing to do to these players on this particular squads, and all squads who win the EPL. Everyone is a contributor to the team regardless of how many games they play. I just think it is unjust, all players on that team should get medals regardless of how many games they played.