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Well i got it yesterday and even tho i played 11 seasons of madden, and the season itself in real life is coming to a close,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this game kept me up till 3am, and i got thru a whole season on the 1st night

Awesome game
Awesome graphics
sound shits all over madden
gameplay is better
Presentation is next to none ever seen

It is the greatest of all NFL games!!!
Madden 2005 has once again failed in comparison
I can only hope ESPN MADDEN 2006, incorporates some gamepley elements of the previous ESPN ***les........and that we have ESPN, music menus and presentation.

I feel as tho i have watched 10 hours of sportcentre.....only i jumped into the TV, and got my fingers muddy.

B4 each match, u have 7 days of preparation u can assign to any member of ur team.
Preparations inlcude:
Wacthing films of opposition
Weight traiing
Areobic traing
Alternative training
Rehab - for the injured

and if u simulate a match u can watch via 'Gamecast live' like watching games on the web live..........see how the match is progressing, and if its getting tight, u can 'jump in', and start playing at any point in time.

for madden fans, the only thing u'll miss is the owners box and mini games
ESPN's presentation and gameplay realism make up for these...not too mention, 'The Crib' and 'ESPNs25th anniversary' classic matches.

Its not hard to comprehend why ESPN always wins, best NFL game yr after yr, as per #1 gaming sites and magazines............all u gotto do is buy it for AUD$50.00 or AUD$25.00 when u trade in Madden 2005 (there's no point owning both)
That's it!!! I am going to try it out this weekend.

Before R2005 buries my venture into Gridiron games forever.
It's worth a try, believe me! It's definately to madden what pro evo is to fifa. Had it since release here in the UK and have done very little else with my time since... so cheap as well, a must have purchase I'd say!
yeah, its pretty awesome.
how far is everyone on the crib?
ive really just got a big TV and thats all.
i dont really play that part of it.
Not really bothered about the crib... did 1 of those celeb challenges and that's it! Will come back to it once i've accumulated a load of points. franchise mode is the big lure for me, very satisfying to build a dynasty and find the next big thing from the colleges
Originally posted by shiznit@Feb 11 2005, 08:50 AM
how far is everyone on the crib?
ive really just got a big TV and thats all.
I tried to get the big TV, so I bought it, went to check it, it wasn't there, went back to the catalogue and it said "SOLD OUT", this was ages ago and it still isn't there.

I recommend buying the Outtakes (sound track). It's quite funny, highlights of real ESPN commentary. It's got one of the commentators trying again and again for about a minute trying to pronounce one name.
Got the dart board, enjoyed a few games then back onto my franchise... 4th year now and what a dynasty it's become! Scraped and saved to buy the 'paper football' game for the crib... not worth it guys, look elsewhere! Loving the passing game this year, been made slightly easier from last year so having top receivers has become more of a priority... especially as running game has been toughened up.
My main gripe is that who ever did the recieving code must a be a seahawks fan, because never have I seen such crappy hands
i actually like it because you actually have to wait for your intended receiver to complete his route or he will find it hard to catch the ball. but the better recievers seem to be able to haul it in even if there not fully positioned to take it. thats when you see the Randy Moss's the T.O's and the Chad Johnson's pull off the great one arm catches. thats where you really see the difrence between the good reciever's like Todd Pinkston or Troy Brown and a great reciever's like Marvin Harrsion or Tory Holt.

also there's no more bullshit madden passes where your QB isnt even facing your reciever and somehow he can get the ball to him with ease.
I got it about 6 months ago when I went to America.
I think its so much better than Madden
no way is it better than madden. but thats my opinion. i dont like the gameplay at all
u dont like gameplay?

huh youd rather look at graphical picture rather than play?
Hey Kinkon i thought u hated Gridiron. ITS PUSSY WITH ALL THE PADDING AND **** lol
good one mate
Hey guys, good to see some more espn converts. One thing id like to mention is the animation, it still blows me away every time I play it, compared to madden it is so reallistic, the multiple hits on the ball carrier rock, and what about the fends shoulder charges ..etc, they all look so real!! EA should have tried to better this but instead they bought out the license and will probably continue to deliver the same crap every year with there stupid gimicks like create a fan
what will we do next year!?(keep palying espn 2k5 probably)
Its a superb game,presentation is top notch. The passing works great if you let the players do what they are being asked to do from the set plays. Paid 15 quid for it...bloody bargain.
The crowd stuff is great, reminds me a little of WCR
but with more variety. The presentation of the game really can't be faulted.

Its the first American footy game Ive really got into since Madden '92, which I played on a steam-powered Sega Megadrive.

Visual Concepts have allways been a top-notch development studio, I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

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