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Who is Fastest??

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I heard Chavanga and Varndell can run the 100m in the 10-11s time bracket. My bets on them, although also i heard South Africa has alot of other lighting wingers in the currie cup like mkhize and co
Jonah Lomu's time for the 100 was about 10.8 secs so thats pretty fast for a 100kg+ guy
HAHA imagine Mike Catt trying to tackle Lomu at full speed, let alone wen he is stumbling :focus: :injured:
Are we talking about Caucau when he's trying, or Caucau when he'd rather be back home lighting up?

That guy is a freak in terms of speed when he puts the effort in, never seen anyone to equal him. The scary thing is he never looks like it's any bother. I'd hate to see what happened if he really decided to put his head down and go.
I saw Caucau in Cardiff for the Pacific Islanders, and in that game he was instantly the player you'd recognise.. he just went on run after run.
When Caucau tried, I have no doubts he would have been able to run the 100 in low 10s.
personally i choose caucau when he tries he's awesome,
and on the fact Habana is there i still remember the english tour of SA and one of the many tries was Habana intercept,
and if i remember rightly mathew Tait almost caught up with him from the other side of the field, which is very quick in my opinion
Well I voted for Habana. He impressed me in the Super 14 this year for the Bulls...untouchable. ;)
For my money definately Chavanga. Ran Olympic "A" qualifying times for Zimbabwe in the 100m and 200m while still in high school. If I remember correctly, something like a personal best in the 100m of around 10.4 seconds.

And I`ll certainly never forget him running in Habana from behind to make an excellent tackle in the Currie Cup a couple of years ago. Looked like Habana was standing still on that occasion.
haban is very fast watched him against Wales when he first came on to the seen he had a pair of feet on him to challenge any spritneer
that flying japanese guy. I'm not entirley sure of his name. Isnt staniforth fast?
lachlan turner of the waratahs is pretty dang fast or phillip burger of the cheetahs i don't know how these guys would stack up in the 100m but all i know is they can flat run
I forgot his name but there was this fast guy for the springboks when the last versed the wallabies. I just no he was a winger, i am not xonfused with habbana
I voted for Caucau...
But I think we need to narrow down the question so we know exactly what we are talking about..
Are we talking about athletic fastest, or about rugby fastest?

By athletic fastest i mean they can run 100m the fastest, and by rugby fastest i mean they can cover 25m faster than anyone else.. cuz if you can cover that first 25m with a ball in hand faster than anyone else then the rest dont matter really, you will be very hard to run down..

and for that reason i chose Caucau.. i dont think he would be able to run 100m fater than a lot of people, but i'd like to see someone cover him over 25m.. he can just put it on and off, and thats how he beats people..

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