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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by saintscrazy, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. saintscrazy

    saintscrazy Guest

    So who is the fastest prop?

    Tom Smith, Jason Leonard, Wilson-James Whineray, Richard Bans, someone else?
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  3. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    Do those stats exist or is this all speculation? Shall we host a sprinting competition? :D
    My money is on Dunning!
    My God, He just looks fast even leaning forward!
  4. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Gethin Jenkins? Marcus Horan? Carl Hayman?
  5. candybum

    candybum Guest

    Johnny Afoa! lol he's been great in open play for th Blues
  6. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    If they ever played Habana at Prop, I'd vote for him as the fastest!
  7. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    Not to mention the weakest
  8. BLR

    BLR Guest

    The immortal AJ Whalley, he used to be a bloody flanker for gods sake, and he's starting on the bench this week, watch him make huge runs when he comes on, so we can lock the topic after objectively stating AJ is god! :D
  9. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    He used to play eighth man in high school and got converted into a mobile prop at the Sharks academy
  10. crispy

    crispy Guest

    Alan Jacobsen seems to make more line breaks than the Scottish backline so I'll go for him.
  11. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    John Afoa has some serious toe on him. He's finally picked up his scrummaging this year as well.
  12. stevemagoo

    stevemagoo Guest

    Cian Healy is pretty speedy - he'll be breaking into the Irish setup soon enough i reckon.
  13. CJ Van der Linde seems to have scored a few long range tries. Appears to have quite a set of wheels for a big guy.
  14. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    In a Super 14 game last year he gathered a kick around the 50m line and sprinted down line like a left winger to score the try, only to get stretched off after pulling his hamstring :lol:
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