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Favorite Referee

My favourite is Craig Joubert. Really rate him.

Just watching the Stormers/Kings match with Joubert and the more I see of him, the more I really like him. He seems to have a good rapport with the players, and gives good instruction in the scrum.

Which brings me to a related question - which referees are the best at getting the scrum to set correctly? Watching Joubert made me think of it.

Mark Lawrence was my favorite. He had a few good innovations that have stuck around after his retirement.

At the moment I'd say, Steve Walsh, Jaco Peyper, Nigel Owens and Jonathon White.
Steve Walsh, because of the sheer epic manliness of his beard. Looks like he wrestles bears and crocodiles on his days off.
Our Nige is probably my favourite over all, knows how to stamp his authority on the game.
There was a ref in years gone by who reffed every game...internationals as well...in a blazer! His name was, I believe something like Gwyn Walters and he was always impressive. Walsh has been ok in his second coming although recall a couple of shockers in the recent internationals. Owens and Joubert stand out for me as the best.....
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Joubert is a good ref but he had a terrible RWC final IMO and I can understand how the French can feel about ill done by. He was probably a tad green as a test ref for a RWC final but TBH he was the best at that stage.
Like Owens and Barnes. Dont like Walsh but you have to say he gets most of his calls right.

Clancy in a plonker and wish he would go away and teach rugby to kids in Outer Mongolia.

I know you want to..
I really liked Mark Lawrence (aka Willie le Roux) and Marius Jonker from SA. Internationally I've always rated Owens. It's a rollercoaster ride with Walsh, sometimes I rate him, otherwise I think he is an idyuuuut.

Wayne Barnes is a ......
Tony Spreadbury is the best referee ever. Sure he made a few mistakes, but he could always accept that and had a brilliant relationship with seemingly all the players on the pitch.

Glen Jackson looks like he could be an excellent referee at the top level and I personally think Greg Garner has the potential to be pretty decent.
Chris white is great so is wayne barnes happens that both started at my refereeing society and both come back and help with training.

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