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Fifa World Cup Russia 2018

Every throw in ends up being passed back to our keeper... We really need to sort out what we are supposed to do instead of just constantly passing backwards from throw ins.
Wish we wouldn't play out from the back quite so much. Giving me palpitations. Sometimes row Z or a long ball are fine.

Appalling waste of beer by the fans. But I guess it's mostly warm lager so doesn't really matter.
When will we learn to stop giving Croatia as much time as they want on the ball? First 20 we pressured then and they looked lost. Now we just stand off and it's the worst thing we can do.

Also we never look to hit the ball across the pitch and keep getting swamped while the other wing is completely free
:( Said it at FT is anyone won in ET it would Croatia sometimes hate being right...
That was harsh. Croatia were the better team but their 1st goal should have been disallowed, which probably would have meant England going through.
It's 3am and Football's wife is pacing anxiously around the living room, wondering why he hasn't come home

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