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Fifa World Cup Russia 2018


2 shots on target for England from 7 shots. Trippier's goal and Stone's header cleared off the line? Kane's shot that the Goalie saved also? Still 3 shots on target including the goal. Still over 120 mins it wasn't good enough to win a semi of a WC. Croatia weren't massively better than us, although the stats show they were, but still better than us they were and took their chances when it mattered.

I think once the whole disappointment has been gotten over this tournament has been a resounding success for Southgate and the team. Massive leap forward from the dark days under Capello and Hodgeson, when the team could barely string a pass together. Hopefully build on it and with the next Euros having games at Wembley Home advantage could take us that next step.
The Croats were more experienced and had more individual talent. But in the first half we should have been more than one up and failed on that classic sporting maxim - when you've got your foot on the opponent's throat, you keep it there and then press harder. A second goal may well have been enough.

Thought Kane and a couple of others looked v tired in the last couple of games. Maybe the length of the season had caught up with some.

Nice thing is that with St George's Park and the alignment of styles through the age groups this is the result of a clear plan. A system incidentally through which a youngish English coach was groomed and given his head. Other sports may wish to take note....
Yep, young team and got to the semis. No shame in that. And at least we didn't go out on penalties.

Yep, agree with OH that the alignment of styles all through the age grades will benefit England in the future. The mid season break in February from next year or 2020 should also help players take a breather and be fresher come these tournaments.

This was a good Marker to set for he coming years. Still, the big teams will be back like Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, so it'll show if this was a flash or start of a long term trend at major international tournaments.
Sorry, but no. You were very unlucky. Croatia's first goal was a textbook case of dangerous play. His foot was 1 cm away from your guys head.
If anything, the only mistake your guys made was not rushing to the ref about it demanding a VAR review.
Chin up, you guys did more than ok.
Mad final. France rode their luck and were far more clinical than any other side in the Cup, deserved winners. Croatia had it tough today with the French headstart off Griezmann's dive.
It turned out to be a great World Cup. Best since 2002 IMO. No trouble for England fans AFAIA. Russian hooligans on their best behaviour and Putin must be very snarmy ATM.

Here Putin gives Trump a world cup ball, supposedly as a type of congratulations for winning the hosting rights to the 2026 world cup.
But i think there was some mixed messages here that can be interpreted in a number of ways.
Putin says " The ball is in your court now" Immediately this now puts pressure on Trump as Putin and Russia was widely praised for their successful world cup. Thats almost challenge to a guy like Trump. And then obviously he now has a random ball in his hands, literally he has the ball in his hand. What will he do with it?

So he throws his wife with the ball which im sure she wouldn't have been happy with, but also this action at the press conference also means Trump almost immediately "dropped the ball".
Is that a small metaphorical political victory for Putin?

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