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2022 World Cup - Qatar


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Oct 17, 2013
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Starts in under a month.

Should never have been chosen to hold it there.

Still, it will be played and rather concentrate on the football.

Post views on squads/teams etc here.


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Southgate apparently submitted his 55 man provisional list last Friday without revealing who on there.

Probably a good thing really as players can go down between now and 13 Nov when final squad needs to be confirmed.

From nailed on players like Reece James and Kyle Walker - both are now struggling to be fit in time. So again need to find alternatives - Trippier now seems a certainty. Ben White? ATA after getting criticised? Joe Gomez?

Defence looks like a problem - no centre back pairing is obvious. Southgate likes to play 3 at the back and wing backs v teams he thinks will dominate the ball. So 4 at the back in the Group stages could be the way to go.

Players not really playing regularly for their clubs - McGuire. A Southgate favourite despite his indifferent form when he has played, looks a cert to make it. Shaw, although few left footed options and also another one who has rarely let him down.

Midfield and attacking midfield I think England have a number of good options and depth. Just a matter of putting them together.

Rice and Bellingham make a good double pivot. I think v the other teams in the Group it will be good enough but think v better teams on the ball 3 in midfield is required to stop getting overrun.

Strikers and forwards. Look good Kane being captain and main striker supported by Foden and either Mount, Saka or Sterling. The latter being out of form atm.

Grealish can come off bench to change game. Plus option of maybe playing Toney up front with Kane.
At the moment, I am not feeling it. Probably because of when it is taking place.
At the moment, I am not feeling it. Probably because of when it is taking place.
Yes, still feels a long way away. Following who and may not make the squad has been a habit since I started following England play. I know deep down it'll all end in disappointment. Lol.

Other teams as well - of course Wales in England's group. That game is the final one of the group, so be interesting if there's still all to play for. Without meaning to sound arrogant if England don't get into top two then they really don't deserve and can't go any further. Really should top it with the quality available. But no easy games and all others will be well up for sending England home early.

USA v Iran. - that will be interesting one, as will England v Iran after all the that's been happening there.
So Chilwell went down last night with what looks like a bad Hammy. And England now left with one left back/wing back with international experience to play that role in Luke Shaw.

Options for Southgate? Justin James of Leicester City? Sessegnon of Spurs? Even Ashley Young🤔.

Play Phil Foden as a left wing back?

Southgate due to name final squad in under 2 weeks on 13th. So another wait to see if any others get injured. Then first game v Iran in 18 days time.
Yeh certainly think that this one should never have been held in Qatar, just like the last one in Russia.

But I am sure most footie fans and casuals will still watch it once the action starts.

Just checking weather atm and temps are a consistent 32/33 degrees C during the day. First game v Iran for England is being played at 3pm their time so looking like it's gonna be very difficult conditions to play.
We certainly shouldn't use it as a model for good employment practice.
So we just offend ourselves selectively. I see.
When the ones we dont like do it we wish em hell, but when those we like do it, we just say we shouldnt follow their example and call it a day.
Not a double standard, not at all.

I think no one here will disagree on calling the current wc a tragedy. What i find interesting is that on one hand some dont hesitate to call that slavery and condem it, yet they sang god save the queen their entires lives while every single royal house in the continent benefited from slavery and the slave trade.

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