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First Match



Your First Match - A Tribute & Historical Documentation
Come one, come all, and tell us how you get on!

Argentina v Ireland ------------- Humphreys
Australia v New Zealand ------------- ak47
Australia v New Zealand ------------- maddog79
Canada v USA ------------------------ Geoff
Canada v USA ------------------------ excitation
Canada v USA ------------------------ Canadian_Rugger
England v France ---------------------- flanku
England v Ireland --------------------- justin
Fiji v Tonga ---------------------------- ninjapirate
France v New Zealand --------------- Pau64
France v Wales ----------------------- jiklos
Ireland v England --------------------- jersey devil
Ireland v New Zealand --------------- Cavan
New Zealand v Argentina ------------ sambad5
New Zealand v Australia ------------- The Chiropractor101
New Zealand v Australia ------------- Black|Raven
New Zealand v England -------------- Umosay
New Zealand v England -------------- kinkon89
New Zealand v NZ Maori -------------- hurricane13
New Zealand v Spain ----------------- Ripper
New Zealand v Tonga ---------------- ALLBLACKS
South Africa v England --------------- SpringbokFan
South Africa v England --------------- Gandalf
USA v Canada ------------------------ captainamerica
Wales v England ---------------------- getofmeland
Wales v England ---------------------- WALES FOREVER
Wales v England ---------------------- welshcommie
Wales v Ireland ----------------------- bluebirds
Wales v Ireland ----------------------- richees

Bulls v South Africa ------------------- bull
Cats v New Zealand ------------------ kaftka
England v someone crap ------------- knowsleyroader
Leicester v England ------------------- woodie

Blues v Chiefs ------------------------- shiznit
Blues v Highlanders ------------------- NZLfan
Blues v Highlanders ------------------- Los Lover
Chiefs v ACT --------------------------- Dom
Chiefs v Crusaders ---------------------JJ
Crusaders v ACT ----------------------- Gay-Guy
Crusaders v Blues --------------------- boomslangnz
Crusaders v Highlanders ------------- Elliott77
Highlanders v Crusaders -------------- CA Iversen
Hurricanes v ACT ---------------------- 187
Hurricanes v Blues -------------------- ABHL_Fan
Hurricanes v Chiefs ------------------- jared27
Hurricanes v Chiefs ------------------- kiwi_king
Hurricanes v Crusaders -------------- knuck
NSW v Queensland ------------------- sanzar
NSW v Queensland ------------------- Nicko
Queensland v NSW ------------------- Wally
Queensland v NSW ------------------- reds07
Sharks v Stormers --------------------- Sharksfan

Bath v Cardiff -------------------------- jimmy44
Bath v Treviso ------------------------- robbinho
Leicester v Northampton ------------ Leicester
Neath-Swansea v Cardiff ------------ gjohn85
Northampton v Leicester ------------ SaintsFan_Webby
Northampton v Leicester ------------ Muse_Cubed
Northampton v Leicester ------------ Teh Mite
Northampton v Stade Toulousain ----saintsfan24_7
Stade Toulousain v Stade Francais --Handsomebob
Ulster v Leicester ---------------------- raziel_eire
Hmm.....difficult one that......

Probably have to be either England vs Scotland at Twickenham, or Saints vs someone at their home stadium (fingers crossed for Franklins Gardens being included in the game)
England vs someone really crap on easy mode just so I can have a lot of time on the ball and see how it handles.

There really has to be a skill level with this game that really takes some mastering. Anyone can press a dummy or fend button, but it should be that you have to be in the right place ( ie theres a gap ) and press it at exactly the right time to shoot through.

The amatuer player should keep getting it wrong where the skilled player knows exactly how to do it. I wanna feel like im accomplishing something with a rugby game rather than just bash, bash, bash.
New Zealand vs Cats, at J'burg, Day, Wet weather, and I'll lose on the easiest setting because I would automatically play it as if it was WCR or Rugby 2004.
I really hope this game takes a while to master as well. [/wish]
Queensland v NSW at Suncorp stadium on a hard pitch on a mild winters night in Brisbane. Rock on.
NZ v England at Twickers - Twickenham looks to be the best looking so far, and has the best pitch
Crusaders vs. Highlanders at Suncorp.
Actually - whatever teams we get in the demo will be my first game

or do you mean full version? Are the PI's even in the game?
Originally posted by umosay@Jan 25 2005, 10:14 AM
NZ v England at Twickers - Twickenham looks to be the best looking so far, and has the best pitch
I thought Eden Park looked better than Twickers. Telstra Stadium is probably at about the same standard from what I've seen.
What can we expect in terms of club sides this time around? Super 12 I assume, and Heineken Cup?

I'll do Leicester v England or something stupid like that.
Originally posted by umosay@Jan 25 2005, 10:21 AM
Actually - whatever teams we get in the demo will be my first game

or do you mean full version? Are the PI's even in the game?
Full version, but of course.

And after reading Locks' find (the au.playstation play test thread), this will be your first match after the forced training session, which I'm assuming will be with a generic team.

I'm just speculating on the PI's and hoping that they'll be in.

If they're not, my first match will be:

Fiji v Namibia at Lansdowne Road. I want to be able to panic and run backwards, still passing: Something akin to 7's and keeping the ball alive.

And I want to do this in Dublin.
Originally posted by Nicko@Jan 25 2005, 10:23 AM
NSW Vs QLD at SFS aka Aussie Stadium against my mate!!
exactly the same with me

only against the AI

my mates can watch!!!!
personally i'll check out the create a player section first, then most likely hurricanes vs crusaders at the cake tin

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