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Hey guys

I know this is way left field for this forum, but have any of you tried a fishing game with the fishing rod controller?

I got Big bass hunter and fishing rod for $50 the other day, and gotto say it damn bloody fun

You never got the fun out of a normal controller, but the fishing rod is all class

Coz fishing games are only $30, i am keen to get myhands on as many as long as its adaptable to my fishing rod controller

Has anyone tried 'Reel fishing 3' or 'Lakemasters ex'

If ur a fan of fishing, and the old arcade games with the virtual rods, u will have a blast

Not too mention the side games u can have, ie, u got 5 mates over, all chip in a few bucks for the biggest fish caught in an hour etc, or skull a beer for catching the smallest fish and all that

There was 6 of us (most dont touch ps2 or any console), and we were fishing for 8 hours straight on ps2 with this fishing rod controller, mainly coz all the others love to fish in real life

when u see a massive bass on the ps2, chasing ur lure, and then it strikes, and the rod goes nuts pointing to the ground, u get nearly the same rush, as its mearly an ego thing for taking the biggest fish, and if it cuts lose, and gets free, ur heart sinks whilst the others are lauging it up in ur face, for letting the one that got away...........sheer fun i tell yas
Does the rod actually struggle with you?

How often do you get the chance to catch a fish?
Originally posted by JJ-@Dec 21 2004, 03:20 PM
Does the rod actually struggle with you?

How often do you get the chance to catch a fish?
yes the rod moves in conjunction with the power of the fish

ie the bigger the fish, the harder the fight, the more bent the rod gets

the reel feels the same tho, no matter how heavy the fish is

pending u use the right lures and in the right area, u can catch 10 fish in 20 mins

it is top value for $30 per game
Originally posted by bippy@Dec 22 2004, 12:54 AM
where did u get it from???
EB man

i got lakemaster ex last night from blockbuster aswell

2 fishing games and a rod for under $100

coz each game is only $30- havent seen a fishing game for over $30 yet

its a cheap cult but tonnes of fun

my flatmate whom never plays ps2, and hates fishing, saw what i was doing and nearly dialled 000 (emergency)

he couldnt believe what he saw when there was a fishing rod hooked up, and i was winding a fishing reel from my bedside

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