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For all those going to Powergen Finals Day...


Norhtern Lad

I am a loyal a perhaps fanatical supporter of Bedford Blues RFC and will be there on that day to cheer on my team. This message is to all those that may also be there. I and my fellow fans (5,000 of us will be there at least) would be delighted for any Llanelli or Wasps fans to become honourary Blues for the day and help us with the cheering as we take on the Harlequins.

We are currently 2nd in National Div 1, behind only Quins. Theref ore we are the underdogs in what is bound to be scintallating game of rugby and I would hope I can rely on your support. Although the wearing of something blue would be nice it is in no way a requirement and all I casually ask for is that you lend your vocal support to that of ours.

In return I will add my vocal support to whichever team is winning the main final :D !!!

See you there!!!
I'm sure you will get the Wasps support, and I for one hope Bedford win. They deserve it for the progress they have made this season.
I remember you lot from last years final. I turned up early as I had to catch the 6am train from Liverpool, got to Twickenham to find all you ******** in my seat!

To be fair though, the atmosphere you created far eclipsed anything the Bath V Leeds game could muster.
I remember you lot from last years final. I turned up early as I had to catch the 6am train from Liverpool, got to Twickenham to find all you ******** in my seat![/b]

That shouldn't be aproblem this yesr as they have made us all sit in our proper seats, possibly after last year.

I can imagine the inane chanting, 'Bath, Bath, Bath, I need a Bath'[/b]

That's more imaginative that the Bedford Blues chant, it goes: BEEEEDFOOOOOORD, BEEEEDFOOOOOORD, etc.
Tempting offer Norhtern Lad ... but think I'll stick with the multi-coloured ones! ;)

Should be a good atmosphere to be honest - good to hear Beford are bringing down 5,000+, and Quins will have 10,000 or so there - and should be a good match.
Looks like you are resting a lot of your usual first XV this weekend as well, so Quins may clinch the league ***le tomorrow - but fingers crossed for a classic final!
We sustained loads of injuries in our scintallating semi-final with Exeter and don't wish to risk more with an away game there the week before. In some positions we only have one player able to fill them!!!

The Fatialofa brothers, who play for Exeter are lucky they are not in a higher league as they would have been cited umpteen times by now. Filthy ********!!!

Hopefully Hepher will do what he did in the Semi. Kick a 7th minute of injury time drop-goal to win (37-35). :p
We were hoping to get another shot at Exeter for beating us down there a few weeks ago - so were nearly as annoyed as they were when you robbed them at the death ... sounds like it was a belter of a game though.

Plus, on a more selfish level, I thought we would have a better chance in the final against the Chiefs than against Bedford !
ROBBED :%#%#: !!!!
We deserved to win and justifiably did!! They had 2 sin binnings that ultimately decided the match and could easily have had more.
:roflrol: ok, ok, not robbed then ... did sound like they were lucky not to see any other cards to be honest :redcard:

Also sounds like a good job the ref had borrowed Alex Fergusons watch as well to find that added time!! ;)
OI!!! Th eref said the next time the ball went dead that was it so our forwards marched it up the pitch for all of 4 minutes. Our scrummie darted it back to Hepher, who hates taking the kicking duties, who promptly slotted home the most ugly drop-goal of all time.

PS:- Stop slagging us off. The mind-games will not work with me. :ph34r:
PPS:- I will hunt you down at Twickenham and paint you blue if you don't shut it! :hunt:
It's waaaaay too late on a Friday for me to be clever enough to be trying any mind games!! :wacko:

And no slagging intended - Beford have far and away the best team in the league after Quins - even more impressive given (or so I believe) most, if not all, of the squad are not even full time professionals.

Still doesn't mean I want them to win next weekend though! :p

PS I'd hunt you down and paint you - but I'm buggered if I'm carrying 17 different pots of paint around for the day!!
Oooh, tell me about this vaaaaaassstt prop dude we're nicking next season :D Because people are tipping him to start sometime later on next season (assuming Budgen is staying on) and I want to know what he's like. I've heard good things :)

You've got some great old boys though...Matt Allen, Ali Hepher, Dom Malone (who was always solid for us...wish we could swap him for Johnny Howard), MATT VOLLAND, Jon Phillips.
soane the big lad u saints lot are nicking is going to make a big impact in the premiership literally
Another Blues fan here!!!
I think Sunday is going to be one of those games thats going to either be a run away for one team (Bedford of course :p ) or a nail biter. I obviously hope its the first, I dont think I could go through the emotions again of Exeter and Plymouth last year.
Will be nice for Wasps and Scarletts fans to adopt Bedford as their second team. I will be supporting Scarlets as I have a Welsh family so its only right to support the Welsh...
Have a nice day if you are going, if your there, see you there. I will be the one with the note pad (attempting to write notes if I dont get to excited) and shouting COME ON U BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I'll be supporting Bedford for the same reason as Muse, nice to see Saints old boys still mixing it up and (hopefully) winning some silverware.
The bloke weighs 21st and is pure muscle.A bit shaky in the scrums but a monster in the loose. Hope the final shows Wasps what he can do for when he goes to saints.

See picture

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