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French teams?(équipes françaises)



Hello i'm french and i would like to know, what are the french teams in Rugby 2005?
I live in Pau, then it's my favourite team.
Another question, what is the nationality of the forum, english, australian?
Thank to answer me.
Allez la Section paloise.
Well I think the Heinekan cup teams are in the game so I pressume just some of the major clubs stade, perp, toulouse etc.

Im sure someone whos played the game could tell you
Me too, i think that the heineken teams are in the game, and it's an english forum or australian or new zealand forum?
Je pense que tous les equipes qui sont jouer dans le Heineken Cup en 2004/2005 serait etre dans le jeu.

Il y a quelques gens de Nouvelle Zealande, Australie, Angleterre et Ireleand avec vers meme numero de personnes de chaque pays. Aussi il y a des Canadiennes, Americains et quelques de Sud Africa et les Ile's pacifiques.

Comprennez vous? Je ne sais pas, mais j'ai essaye
Il y a les equipes de le coupe heineken de cette annee et l'equipe nationale francaise.
<span style="font-family:Arial">Whoa Whoa Whoa - cut that **** right out!</span>

Wow, I never knew you spoke french woodie. I only thoguht it was us canadians (me, rugger and rugby guy) that spoke it. I'm thoroughly impressed.
shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit u guys scare me!

neva thought u guys wud speak french!!

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