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Feb 9, 2019
Hey all, other than a little bit of Union experience when I was younger, I've played Rugby League all of my life. In June though I'm starting a placement year down south so recently I've been trying to do a bit of 'networking' to try and find a club which I've managed to do.

I've always played full back in League, I've played a bit of stand off as well but full back is essentially a free position where you can float about and have a bit more freedom than playing in the halves, which suits me. I'm more of a ball playing full back than a running one.

I'm just wondering, how does the role differ in Union to League? In League, you know a kick is coming on the last tackle so it's easier to get into the right position than in Union when a kick can come whenever. Also, I'm only 5'8 and I'm not sure whether that will impact me in Union at all given the increased amount of kicking.

Sorry if it's a bit jumbled, I'd appreciate any advice.
One thing to remember is you'll be operating as a unit with your left and right wingers to cover the space between you. Maybe google "pendulum" to get an idea of how it works, in short there's two of you back at any one time and you swing across to cover whichever winger comes up into the line. You need to communicate a lot, see things quickly and communicate them immediately.

Also keep the wind in mind. Teams are much more likely to kick with the wind, and obviously the ball will also go further

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