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General Concussion thread

The identification and management of concussion in contact sport remains a critical issue for players, employers, and wider stakeholders. Sports participation should be encouraged, with the well-known myriad of health and social benefits deriving from physical exercise and human interaction through sport. However, there is increasing evidence that repeated blows to the head during contact sports places individuals long-term brain health at risk, [1,2] and has led to a predictable debate over individual risk versus population health.

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Here's really hoping….

Looks different!
Names of those involved in the lawsuit published. In addition to those already known: Vickery, Regan, Henson, Harry Ellis, Mouritz Botha, Charvis, Ryan Jones, Luscombe, Ian Gough and Lamont. Youngest former pro is Brophy-Clews who retired at just 24 although there's a 22 y.o amateur.
Is it safe to assume these characters have some real issues or maybe (even hopefully) they're joining the law suit in support of those who have?

Resolution in rugby lawsuit still seems years away with 'gaping hole' in evidence
Three years since the lawsuit was first launched, "blockages" have prevented the case from moving forward

It is nearly three years to the day that the law firm Rylands Garth announced that it was going to launch a concussion lawsuit on behalf of dozens of former players against rugby's authorities. Sitting in Court 75 in some far away nook of the Royal Courts of Justice off the Strand on Friday morning and the ancient Chinese proverb of the wheels of justice turning slowly never rang truer.

Another retirement. I wonder how many players in the past should have retired if they followed the same medical advice.

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