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General Concussion thread

"Players will continue to wear the iMGs this weekend but will not be required to immediately leave the field for an HIA when their mouthguard triggers an alert to pitch-side doctors," a statement read.

"Instead, players will be checked by an on-field doctor after a trigger alert has been received. If the doctor has any concerns the player will then leave the field for an HIA.

"If the player passes an on-field check, they will still be subject to a full HIA, either at half-time or full-time."
I'd need to see what the onfield check is - the HIA was introduced because onfield checks of the time were simply terrible.
Since then, or course, attitudes have changed, and we know a lot more about concussion, so it's entirely possible that a better onfield check has been developed - but if so, it's passed me by.

My instinct of course, is that the whole point of an HIA is as an evidence based Assessment of a potential Head Injury; not to confirm / rule out the findings of a test that's known to be useless.
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This sounds like quite a NZ / Aus development alright. I got concussed a couple weeks ago (not rugby, I fell off two boxes) and had no immediate symptoms. Didn't start until the next day and I still get them on and off now. Obviously anecdotal but it's common knowledge they're often not immediately recognisable so it's ******* dangerous not removing players from the pitch for at least a 5-10min period.

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