Giving In To The Fact Im Gutted !

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by knowsleyroader, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Cant do it anymore. Have tried to kid myself since I got this game that its ok and worth playing, but the fact is if I have to try and convince myself that a game is good then there has to be something wrong.

    I am without question absolutely gutted.

    Im sure some will like it, thats the way of the world and good luck to you but for me I dont think it beats RL1 never mind the upcoming RC2006 and soon to be EA Rugby 2006.

    It doesnt have even a minute amount of the control that R2005 or RC2006 has, in fact it has less responsiveness that RL1.

    Even the menus are slow. The menus for gods sake, what chance does the game have ?

    The PC version will improve on the frame rate of the PS2 which will probably help things, and the graphics will be clearer but it wont change the gameplay how I would like.

    I am in a state of shock although I had had a taste of what was to come I convinced myself I was wrong and I just needed to give it another chance but my first impressions were right and have been compounded over the last couple of days play.

    Its just so slow and sluggish and its almost impossible to put any fluid gameplay into practice. Ball stripping, kicking the lose ball and all the faces which are excellent mean nothing if the core gameplay isnt there. The motion capture doesnt look like motion capture as it looks like its skipping every other couple of frames which just makes it look jerky as hell.

    What happened to the dummy ? Its like elvis swinging his mike around.

    Back to RL1 on the xbox for me unless the PC version can somehow manage to grab me unlike the PS2 version has.

    Only my opinion and I dont mean any offense to SIDHE as I am sure they would love everyone to sing this games praises but at the moment I dont feel I can. I really hope against all hopes that I am missing something here but I fear not.

    If they do an RL3 which I really dont think they will, someone needs to get hold of this project by the balls and sort it out as at the moment it seems to be going nowhere.

    Gutted beyond being gutted

    PS Is Renderware which comes up at the begining an engine they have purchased like when Rugby 2004 switched to the Fifa engine ? Is that whats holding them back ?

    Maybe they should enquire how much it would be to purchase Swordfish Studios engine which seems to fly along on the PS2 with absolutely no trouble at all.
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  3. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Because I was watching the cricket last night I didn't get as much gametime as I would have liked, so I am reserving my judgement, HOWEVER my impressions so far are the same as yours expressed here...............the game has less responsivess then even RL1 (or even rugby 2001).

    I am holding back my true disappointment until I've played it some more, but at the moment I'm having as much fun with it as I did with rugby 2004 (ie. not a lot).

    I believe SIDHE may have fallen into the old developers trap of running before they can walk. They have added franchise, online play, new things like stripping etc/ graphical improvements WITHOUT improving/refining/making playable, the core gameplay.

    There is good reason why the PES series for instance have only recently added such extras as online play (after many game versions), SIDHE appear not to have taken their lead.
  4. I could live with lots of the things in the game if the player movement was just more responsive. Its just lets the whole thing down.

    I think more than one person will identify with this ... I think they should have called it

    " Bungee Cord Rugby League "

    .. thats what the players feel like they are on. Its like they are straining against something to move.
  5. top gun

    top gun Guest

    and this game has been hyped up so much....

    geez what monkeys do they have working there if they cant see a bad game when its slapping them in the face.... [​IMG]
    they really do need to get joe public on hand testing the playability of these games before releasing them to the public. Cut out all the bullsh!t extras like cut scenes & motion capture & stick to the guts of good games - which is gameplay, gameplay, gameplay...& throw in awesome graphics & you got a winner

    i really do hope melbourne cup challenge is up to scratch
  6. For those who havent played it make up your own minds, some like it and Im happy for them.

    I really have tried my nuts off to like this game and am distraught at the moment.

    At least I know RC2006 is a damned good play and even on the PS2 the frame rate is superb.

    After this kick to the ******** im hoping R2006 from EA will the THE game that everyone will say " Ohhh yeah thats the one "

    I have to live in hope and to be fair at least it looks like the EA franchise IS going somewhere.

    R2004 : Crap
    R2005 : Some real promise spoiled by daft things.
    R2006 : If its better by the same mark as 2005 was over 2004 it will be awesome.
  7. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Gee the Aussies lose the league and then they stuff up with this.....................

    Rugby League in general really needed a good gaming sequel in order to promote their it looks like the 2 rugby titles will bury this game dead.

    I am going to hire it out this weekend but I already know what it will be like judging from what Chiro said last well as what Knowsleyroader is saying now.......I can trust their opinions.................

    ..............I hope I am proven wrong but I feeel this will not happen.
  8. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    I'm still undecided.

    It feels like it should play just like Rugby League 1 but plays differently.

    I am disappointed with the kicking game.

    It is fun online. Franchise seems ok.

    It might take a little bit of getting used to it though.
  9. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Well it was in fact made by a kiwi company you know...

    Anyway, if you go to the Rugby League 2 forums the vast majority of people are pretty blown away by the gam! So I personally think we should all reserve judgement and play it before condemming it.
  10. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Have you seen the features list??? It's a f***en update patch!
  11. But the fact is its sooooooooooooo slugish. Its like playing in treacle.

    I just played Rugby 2005 xbox and this side by side and the fact is you can do what you want to do in R2005 and with RL2 it feel like Dragons Lair in the arcade where you just pushed the stick one way and it did a little bit of a movie.

    If I paused the game on R2005 and someone said right I want you to pass to the first receiver then miss a man out then step inside I feel I would be able to go out and do that, as it should be.

    If someone asked me to do that on RL2, I feel like it would be a mission in itself.

    Thats how it feels. Rugby should flow, you shouldnt think how am I going to do this it should just be done off the cuff as it happens.
  12. arnt all sequels updates ? In one post you say we should all wait to play RL2 and give it a chance and then your slagging R2006 before anyone has even got near it ????
  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    definately NOT worth 9/10 and all the raving reviews.
    i am 100% sure it will be like RL1 with many different opinions

    at 1st i hated it.......RL1 all over again

    in my 2nd match i started to go places...make breaks, and hold down the player......liked it alot.

    Went to franchise, and the **** hit the fan for me..........i am extremely happy with franchise........its better than any other career mode in rugby genre

    but yeah the gameplay is NOT reponsive enough to warrant this better than R2005.......and what about the shitty camera views..........whats the point in having those sidecams when they arent anything we can relate TV style, ur either sitting on the fence, or your in the beer line midway up the stadiums teir.

    That Ronny twat that said "i havent seen any bugs"

    in my 2nd game, i had the dummy half pass to the guy that played the ball...forward pass.
    i have twice ran over the deadball line coz i kept getting tackled and breaking them, thus had no time to plot the ball
    i have had audio twitch out
    where the atmosphere...the crowds very....hummmming to say the least
    schifkovski kicking stat is 60%...............FFS he lands them from anywhere
    perhaps the sliders can adjust a few niggles.....but i find that hard to believe, as they dont separate AI and ME.

    but overall, i never got excited like some, so i am happy as its still growing on me, but crunch time is getting closer where i need that X FACTOR, that BLIC, PES5, TW06 have given me out of the latest sports titles.
    but i do love the franchise and the mass of stat tracking....its like madden in a sense

    L Withers is making his debut in the ANZAC TEST 2nite.

    oh and my Raiders controller, was the 1st thing i opened and i am loving it....getting another one for good measure.........the game is definately worth getting and keeping PROVIDED u got the free controller deal...heck the game is $50 in my eyes.
  14. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Meh, I hate EA and were ****** off about so many things in Rugby 2005... Rugby 2006 just seems to be the "complete" version of Rugby 2005... They failed to implement several gameplay features that should have prevented the game from being sold without them, like offloads. Mind you, if they f*** up the lions tour again I'll be boycotting this game anyway.
  15. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    On pc its wat smoother and less slugish than the ps2, but it still falls over.

    whats the whole point of a franchise? well i think its to build up your team with star players and lead them to a grand final, the problem is it dosent matter what superstar you buy, they cant do anything thanks to lazy programming on the harder difficulties, so why bother? and with rep games the selection turns out to be random so thats useless to.

    In rugby league 1, if I was down by 2 with 30 seconds left, in my own half, I would hav a chance to throw it around and score the game winner. in RL2 it is immpossile to score out of your own half, so unless your in the opposition 20 its game over, THIS IS NOT RUGBY LEAGUE. You must rely on opposition mistakes in order for you to get in scoring position.

    I have to agree with knowslyroader on this one. Maybe once I get over my disapointment I can take thie game for what it is and enjoy it.

    I think anyone who is undecided will make upm their mind as soon a they hit seasoned or legend. What difficulty are you on knowsleyroader?
  16. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    ok we gotto stop referring to the sidhe forums as a reliable source...COZ ITS ALL PUSS.

    90% are under 17, and loved RL1, and will love RL2 even more

    This is the #1 rugby gaming forum, and isnt a fanboy accomodation!!!

    IMO Melbourne cup is going to suck big looks as unresponsive as RL2, RL1 - this weta digital and motion cap crap isnt working for me......well not while they have monkeys testing these games, and dont iron out the crap, and actually advise mario n co, that the sidecam, or anyother cam apart from default is COMPLETELY USELESS [​IMG]

    All this online talk..kills a good game IMO

    yet i still reserve my final judgement.....until furthur play...all mixed at the moment
  17. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    Well, thanks for saying all this guys. I have just cancelled my order.
  18. In reality though what will being negative about an upcoming title get you apart from the pleasure of saying " I told you all " [​IMG]
  19. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Valid point.
  20. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Exactly right AK, the sliders dont separate the AI and you, so they pretty much cancel each other out, Ive tried eveything with these and its just hopelless.

    Example: I put the tackling percentage up, and break tackle down, I then played on reserve. This made attacking real tough, it was hard to break the line, but when you got a guy into space he was gone. But when the other team got the ball they couldnt even make a metre, i could go and make a coffee while my ai teammates destroy their offense. S**t like that, it solves one problem and creates another, what a waste of time.
  21. Hardest I got up to was seasoned but the problem is Im finding it difficult to score and so is the CPU. Its always 4 - 0 or 6 - 4 or even 0 - 0.

    Now im not the best gamesplayer and I use that to my advantage when people are saying " This is too easy " im usually in my element but I was minimum legend on RL1 and even had to go onto league god as I was finding it a bit too easy at that.

    In the end I changed my team to make it more difficult on Legend.

    The good thing about RL1 was if your concentration dropped you could be hit by a try in a second from deep in your own half, ive even been scored against after putting a kick in the in goal and it being retured the full length for a try. That would NEVER happen in RL2.

    RL1 still the winner for me up to now.
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