Giving In To The Fact Im Gutted !

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by knowsleyroader, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. esoj

    esoj Guest

    i would say get it on pc if you can. the stuff that can be modded seems to be endless. this game maybe lacking out of the box but the potenial to mod it heaps could make it quite good
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  3. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i see that Radman is currently in an 80min game in league god with scoring updates....seems to be fairing well.............17-8 after 20mins or something

    this is promising as its proof it can be done...provided he isnt lying.
    seems like legend or seasoned will fit me well........cant be assed to be pedantic on the turbo button...i like to enjoy my game...not treat like the 100m dash in track n field games

    this game shows plenty of promise.........i was scoring some great tried last night, and i still havent gotton into the new controls, like shoulder charge and pass to playmaker etc

    the grubber is great

    also a few tweaks with passing, catching, and kicking in general play will increase your attacking abilities

    has anyone fiddled with the sliders, and what impact they have on different difficulties
    there's may be a nice mix of adjusting the sliders, but on the easiest difficulty (schoolboy), so we dont have props outrunning backs, like they do higher levels of diffculty, yet still have a good balance of defense and attack and forward and backline play

    i am begininng to hope the sliders are for the AI, and for the USER we gotto adjust the players/teams stats..............there's gotto be a good mix in there...surely
  4. esoj

    esoj Guest

    maybe ak maybe not. ceejay has been trying to get it right and has had no joy yet. I almost got my first try today with some good passing had meli away but he knocked on with the line open lol guess the knock ons are realistic then. I think the game may grow on you as you play it and hopefully with modding it can be better than it is out of the box
  5. tgd

    tgd Guest

    am new to the forum and brought this game today... played it twice now and am bored as f#$k wiv it already... nothing good happens..there is 0 fun factor... its obvious sidhe dont give a sh#t about making quality league games... shame on u sidhe.. money hungry c)nts ..delayin this game was the ultimate cock tease and then when it was finally time to have a turn u f*$ked us off.. ive had more fun with games on my mobile i.e snake or memory... trust me save ur money.. im takin mine straight back to eb 2moro.. 2/10

    jonah lomu rugby is still king 9/10

    ea rugby 05 7/10

    wcr 6.5/10
  6. esoj

    esoj Guest

    los lover the third maybe. shame that you will miss out on a great game. sure its not perfect out of the box but after time it gets better and also there is huge modding and editing potential with this game.
  7. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    That's a little harsh tgd. Snake is a brilliant game.
  8. i bought this game on ps2 today... and i must say, i agree that the game feels very tedious at the best of times. some people are saying you have to take a while to get into it. lets take a moment to think about the target audience here...


    yes thats right my friends... rugby league fans. and do people like those above look like they care that the games crap for the first 30 hours, but really good after youve mastered all the passing techniques and defending? i dont think so. theyre more likely to throw their controllers at the tv in digust and go for another round of coldies.

    in summary, it must be said that after all the hype, sidhe hasent delivered the goods. no matter what the whiney 8 year old league fans say on their official forums. by the way, whats stopping the sidhe staff going on there and posting "yeh its really good, go and buy it!"? i think thats where the positive feedback is coming from.
  9. Is this game really as terrible as everyone says or is it just not fun to play?
  10. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    It is fun on easy modes, at first, but then when your ready for a challenge, It makes the game difficult by removing your ability to score cool tries and all the fun goes, no runnaway tries, or big plays, its just the same thing over, in that aspect it really is worse than RL1.

    However, after stuffing around with the sliders all day, I think i might be onto something, im still testing it though. Ill let you know.

    Avoid league god mode at all costs, youll tear all your hear out in 5 mins.

    Sidhe hav not delivered the goods, but the sad thing is, is they could hav so easily.
  11. i was at eb the other day, and rl2 costed the same amount as nascar06 and tigerwoods 05 put togeather. looks like ive made the right decision to wait untill Christmas for rl2 then...
  12. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    I've hired it and played three games tonight, and I feel that it seems to be a game that will (oddly enough) take longer to get to grips with than RL1, but after say 10-15 games, start to become more rewarding. I feel it's NOWHERE near as good as we were lead to believe, but it's early days yet. I have a long enough memory to remember what some newbies said about Jonah Lomu's complexities in the first week or two of it coming out. It wasn't all good then either.

    I'm not saying this is good or bad yet, I think we all need about a week to start handing out our grades.

    I will say this though. Mario throwing his toys when he did, makes me now imagine what those poor playtesters go through.


    Playtester: "Mario, the controls still need to be more responsive, and the passes are going EveryWhere!"

    Mario: " The controls aren't responding, eh? Who are you, MR SCOTT?
    RESPONSIVE, PASSING, GAMEPLAY? Thats all you want, isn't it? More, more, more. Your just like my tormentor, LOS LOVER!"

    Playtester: "Who?"

    Mario: " YOU KNOW who I mean! Get out, YOUR FIRED!!! I didn't get rich by listening to you league fanboys. It was my glamourous TV3 and footy show interviews! NOW OUT! You are released from your contract!!!"

    Playtester: "Well, at least something of quality will be released today!"

    Mario: " I HEARD THAT!"

    (By the way, I just read the Los Lover topic and I'm not trying to offend Mario, it's just some satire, possibly lame satire, but it's late).
    I hope it's allowed.
  13. SteveG

    SteveG Guest

    Well, I like it. I'm obviously one of very few on this forum.

    I've played about 15 games so far on Reserve level and am just starting to score some good tries. I'm playing on a HP notebook with a gamepad and haven't found it unresponsive at all. Certainly nothing like RL1.

    I have throw a few wild passes, but thats me, not the game.

    There are certainly things to improve, as there are in all games and I think Sidhe has taken a lot of suggestions on board.

    I don't agree with Gol's comments, but it was a pleasant surprise playing the game.

    To anyone out there who is in doubt about buying this game, I say buy it and enjoy it as much as I have.
  14. Paddy

    Paddy Guest

    i changed the agility slider to 100% and its a tad bit better

    everyone should try it
  15. NgatiDread

    NgatiDread Guest

    I'm lovin it, the amount of options available make this game, in my opinion(I have the PS2 version). Almost everything is customisable.

    I'm glad players are having a hard time with the difficulty levels I'd have been bummed if players were mastering the game after such a short time eg RL1,

    I believe the true value of this game will come with time as for the graphics compare Jade stadium on EA Rugby with RL2 and you'll see RL2 is way ahead of its rival.
  16. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    As people have been saying "reserve" level and below is playable (though still unresponsive in places), but far too easy for most gamers to really enjoy for long.

    It is "seasoned" level and above where the developers have killed the game in order to make it more difficult to score.

    Hence no run away tries, defenders not tackling etc etc (as mentioned elsewhere on this thread)..........

    I too have mucked around with the sliders, but when I've finally thought I've cracked it playtesting says otherwise. Still trying though.

    I put PES5 on after a nights frustration with RL2 and the difference was that of night and day - responsive controls, challenging (ie. not cheating) AI and a lot of FUN.
  17. Tried that also but it doesnt make up for the lack of player control.

    How can RL2 justify itself against WCR / Rugby Challenge or even R2005 with regards to player control. Its just isnt there at all in RL2.

    In RC2006 JUST moving your player and altering speed can throw defenders off which me and Lox were commenting on when we played it down at Swordfish.

    That was just with the standard controls and the sprint button, no fends, no steps nothing just the glorious control you had over your player.

    Just isnt there in RL2. Just played RL2 and then RL1 on xbox and the difference in contol over your player is shocking.
  18. Ian2oo5

    Ian2oo5 Guest

    Why is everyone moaning so much? I've got the game but havn't played it yet! [​IMG]( its for "Christmas" apparently nevermind!

    Anyway on the control side 1 thing I hated about RL1 was the game was just to fast! just by pressing side the player would run sideways (ice skating) and it looked stupid. RL2 seems abit slower which brings a bit more realism to it. Players dont run in a sideways motion running 20meters in 0.5secs. Its great people have thier own opinion and like some1 else said you either going to love it or hate it but RL1 was just stupid, the game speed was to fast the players was to fast, u ice skated sides at 100mph. I think with this being a bit slowed down seems realistic.

    Anyway we shall see...
  19. bazdev

    bazdev Guest

    Well, I like it.
  20. ROFLMAO [​IMG]
  21. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    EB still selling games at $119.95?
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