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Gloucester for sale

Suppose best to sell high when the World Cup games are yet to come.

Maybe Saracens might use them to play a second team on.
Oh my God, if Sarries bought them, brought them into the "Saracens Family" and renamed them Gloucester Saracens it'd be the funniest thing ever.
You can't own more than one club (4.2.1 below) thankfully.


If I had £25m I wouldn't spend it on the west country's third best club 
Financially, Gloucester are (I believe) the second most well-off club in the league, despite being at the salary cap. They are one of few teams to actually generate a profit (that might not be the case this year though). They own their own stadium and host many events (incl. big concerts). People invest in clubs making losses, how much more attractive a proposal if they are breaking even/generating a small profit? On-field success will come again eventually, as long as investment continues, but financial stability like that is hard to find in a sporting team.

I just find it remarkable that it costs as much to buy a top-tier rugby club, as it does to buy one fairly decent football player.
Actually it does say you can own more than one club but you need written permission for the league and the other clubs.

I wonder how much Leicester could be sold for?
If Glos get taken in by Sarries, I'll need a new team... :p

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