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Goal kickers



Some of the goal-kicking ratings disappoint me, Chris Paterson only has a 76 and that is total garbage, as it gives Dan Parks an 82, plus a special ability for tactical kicking. Tactical Kicking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have they ever watched him???
Bloody hell! They put Gerrard at 34 or something. He had to kcick for brumbies one game when gits was injured and he slotted them well.
yeah some of the players have absultly shocking ratings eh. McIntire for the highlanders is a mint goal kicker but its only rated bout 70.

McCalister for the blues has only like 40 and he kicks goals for the blues!!!!

same with alot of the inside backs that can kick the odd goal, end up getting like 30-40.

crazy ea
It's all rubbish - Charlie Hodgson and Ollie Barkley aren't bad kickers in the game!
I heard somewhere that stats are same as '04 but Samo's pace is better. Gerrard's hasn't changed, but gits's has.
Yeah Giteau wasnt great in 04, especially his kicking. Did Kenny Logan not used to place kick occasionally? He has a 4!!
I agree, a number of stats are seriously wrong. And not ONLY the kickers....

J de Villiers
DeWet Barry
Marius Joubert
Brian Habana (he is not that slow)
Os du Randt
J vander Westhuyzen
the list goes on and on and on
Bell & Flatman of Bath? They both hav played 4 England an definitely aren't that bad @ scrumaging. Simon Danielli's stats r quite funny aswell (he is no way quicker than Joe Rockoco)!
i think they focused more on improving the game lol howletts ratings stayed exactly the same most players did they only added a few special abilities or a lil point here and there.

i was hoping chavhanga would be in the game they would probably have his speed 87 too.

how can paulse be 95 and vunibaka be 85 now i dont think vunibaka is the quickest but he caught paulse from like being 10 meters behind paulse.

if caucau and ohata can be 97 98 than howlett and rokocoko should be round that area.

i thought nonu would have been improved to he is faster and quicker than umaga isnt he but all they did was add a few special abilitys

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