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Anyfans of the golf games and the Tiger Woods series

We are about to be hit with something never ever done before


have a look at this

I am sweating my pants.........i need a copy NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How, where and what - where did this come from............i am shocked.......

reviews all marked atleast 9/10

I need a ciggy..........
yeha i read something about how the distributors were having to up the production of the stock and gametrak controller because it was selling so well. it defintely looks the goods and a big challenge to the sports gaming market
I just tried last night Tiger Woods 2004 for the first time (never even played real golf before) with a mate and we stayed up all night.

The more I played, the more I got addicted. Man it was exciting learning about the intricacies of golf.

We played 18 holes on this game called "battle golf" where the winner of each hole was allowed to add a club to their bag or take a club away from their opponent. Man it was tense. The score was based on who won the most holes rather than the least strokes. On both our games (games can last up to 3 hours) we were tied and had to go into playoffs.

My mate had Tiger both times and I just pipped him first with Singh and then with Daly. Gonna be home soon and we are going to play again all night.
GG - TW04 revolutionised golf games as we know it

That enforced annual leave 2 weeks, and alot of coffee and $$, for the skins game

The scary thing is ur getting this feeling of greatness 2 years after it came out - Just think of the joy at the time....man we were all happy when it rained in real life

anyway i have ordered this virtual golf puppy

All reports have been very good

Its a brand new tech so i am ready for a let down

nonetheless the TRF community will here my shooting thoughts when i give this a virtual bash

if this improves my real life game - i will become a FANBOY of this mob..so beware
Wow that looked very flash indeed!

However because I am totally useless at real golf (only hit a ball once when I was 11) I will stay with the Tiger version of it until I can play the game for real properly. Otherwise I will be hitting it at spectators all day.

This new real golf game looks like a GREAT party game. A bit like singstar.
Yeah I bought Tiger Woods 2005 2 weeks ago and its the first time golf game ive played since microsoft golf on our 486.
Couldn't believe how fun and addictive it is. And oh the options!
It was a bit weird though in the first tournament i played in the PGA Tour I was +7 the first round and then i hit a -13 the next day including a two on a par 5. Luck was running out the veins.
the best thing EA did was providing options after the shot to determine where the ball ends up - thus negating any putting the controller down and watching the shot - boredem

EA added the post shot spin around tiger woods 2001
Then they went furthur with the analogue swing in 2002 - a system IMO would work well in conversion micking in rugby games
then they added the heartbeat pressure for crucial shots
all of a sudden golf was intense but fun

then in 2004 EA added the abyss of career modes options etc etc etc repeat etc till u cant input more text in a post

Tiger Woods franchise owns everything for golf fans
This virtual golf thingy is changing the way we play games in general - yet young which means not streamlined to perfection - unlike Tiger Woods

Game got back to me, and they cant send hardware o'seas - the gametrak controller is hardware, so i guess i have to wait until asias launch...so the virtual golf thing is postponed for the moment

but check out TW on the ps3 and xbox 360............u can already tell Tiger Woods has only touched the surface with golf games - the next generation consoles like madden will open up the real deal.........the visuals although near perfect for the ps2 limits for TW04, 05, 06..........go 10 fold on ps3 and xbox360 - I CANT WAIT!!!
anyone played links 2004 on xbox. I enjoy this game better than the TW range. it has a better swing control whereby if your timing on the analog doesnt match the golfer you end up duffing your shot.
Do you mean if it doesn't match THAT particular golfers swing style?

Unfortunately Links2004 doesn't seem to have a big name to carry it like the TW series does. Otherwise I might have considered it, especially as you are saying that it may have a better swing system.

However the TW series seems to have great options especially post swing. Needed a few more different cam shots during flight, or a free range camera to suss out things on the green before you putt.

I haven't played TW on any hard levels so I can't comment on other things I felt it needed.

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