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local game shop had it in fro some reason,

anyway onto the game

i loved the training mode, i found it was a great way for people to get used to the game. so i started a match england v wales (i was wales) with my brother on nromal.

i thought it was great, i took a bit to get used to kicking it (alot of my kick weren't going into touch even when i was pressing the dpad straight up or down sometime) but i think once you get used to it is fine. everything is fluid and captivating.

it has more enjoyable gameplay than any other rugby game by far, the only problem that woul dhave made the game literally twice as good is offloads, the gameplay demands great timed passes and i am sure once i get better i will be able to pull of those last second passes to free a player into the try and make great plays like that.

offloads would have allowed for great plays and made it a little easier to score breathtakig trys, but as it stand i am loving the game and once i get used to gameplay a bit more i know i will score awesome trys.

the other thing i love is even the worst time can have a bit of time on the ball against you, you have to clear your lines and use the ball well. i also love that forwards are actually useful if you time hand off or shoulder charge properly and the usually break a few tackles without special moves.

the final score was 30 - 21 to wales!

pretty good for my first match, i will start a world league now and start having some real fun.

the main thing that makes this the best rugby game ever is the fact that the gameplay has very few faults that ruin the experience (eg. with wcr constant mauls instead of getting tackled and of course countless with rugby 2005)

anyway i just thought i would give you my opinion.from someone who liked nrl a bit and didn't like wcr, or rugby 2004.....it shows this game really has hit the mark in many aspects.

Wales for grand slam!!!!
cheers for that, i might check out my local GAME shop now ... here's hoping

PS Wales look good, it'll be an interesting game against Ireland. Wales are playing with so much confidence at the mo .... but Ireland will be fired up, esp after the loss against France. Too tough to call ....
i'm living in the uk as well .... but am nz born samoan ....

They've got the PS2 game in store, i just need to get served by an inexperienced dude at the counter so i can get it before the release date - this Friday. they're atually not allowed to sell it before then ... but what the heck, it's 2 weeks overdue ....
Which shop did you get it from Idris ? I live in Neath Port talbot .

They think I'm nuts in my local Gamestation, I've been going in there during my lunchbreak every day for the last 2 weeks and then shuffling out dissapointedly due to Rugby 2005 not yet being on sale there yet.

Wales need to sort out lineout and scrums to have a good chance against Ireland.

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