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  1. So another season is almost over, only the final to go, and as the SH Turfers have done, it would be good to pick a team of players who have been the best in their position in the league this season. Bias and opinions will come into play obviously, but I'll start things going with my team...

    1. Matt Stevens - Very mobile prop who has put in a good showing at both domestic and international level. Only injury prevented him really starring this season. Missed by England during his absence, could go far.

    2. Rafael Ibanez- Been back to his best this season, rejuvenated at Wasps, before winning a deserved recall to the French national team. Bath's Lee Mears, and Leicester's George Chuter ran him close.

    3. Julian White - Been mincing opposition scrums all season for Leicester. Unfortunately not been quite able to convert this to the international stage. Needs to improve discipline, but will never give opposing front rows an easy ride.

    4. Alex Brown - Only the combined bad luck of injury and Andy Robinson remaining head coach of England denied Brown the opportunity to show his undoubtable talent on the international scene. A natural talent with huge potential, one to watch.

    5. Steve Borthwick - Been in imperious form for both Bath and England. Commands at the lineout, and leads by example with his work rate around the pitch. Currently England's number one second row player, beginning to develop into a Martin Johnson like figure. Damien Browne, Bob Casey, Louis Deacon, Chris Jones, Ben Kay and Craig Gillies all deserve honourable mention.

    6. Jason White - Had a monumental season for both club and country. A natural leader, puts in huge hits on defense, carries the ball strongly, and will always give 100%. Tiger's Lewis Moody, and Tom Rees of Wasps also showed class.

    7. Magnus Lund - Not a traditional 7, but has developed very well while playing in a strong Sale side. Will tour with England during the summer, and could become a world beater in a few years time. Main competition came from Saints' Sam Harding, Exiles' Olivier Magne and Wasp's Jonny O'Conner. Pat Sanderson also proved his class after missing much of the season through injury.

    8. Sebastien Chabal - A destructive figure when on his game, has produced the sort of game breaking runs and crunching defensive hits which have become his trademark. Run close by James Forrester. No idea what the lad has to do to get a shot with England. Ben Skirving of Saracens also impressed.

    9. Shaun Perry - A very difficult pick this one. Mark Robinson, Paul Hodgson, Nick Walshe Peter Richards and Eoin Redden have all been up there, but Bristol's 29 year old has been a model of consistency this season. Always looking to break, while also providing top class service to his half-back partner.

    10. Carlos Spencer - Yes I'm biased on this one, but during his first season in England, the King has lit up the Guiness Prem, and ripped defenses to shreds. Took a few matches to warm up, but once he got going no one has been able to match his levels of skill and audacity.

    11. Matthew Tait - Not his usual position of 13, but deserved to appear somewhere. Played on the wing for Newcastle early in the season, and was the shining light in a fairly dreary side. Will get another chance with England, and unlikely to be phased this time.

    12. Mike Catt - A masterful signing by Irish, has really put his injury worries aside and led his team's charge towards the right end of the table this season. Has skillfully released the Exiles' speedy outside backs into space all season, and steadied the ship with intelligent kicking when necessary.

    13. Jon Clarke - Been the consistent 13 during the season. Form dropped slightly towards the end of the season due to a hernia injury, but his elusive pace, strength and eye for the gap have helped to build a healthy reputation. Elvis Seveali'i of Sale has consistently impressed.

    14. Tom Varndell - The league's top try scorer, bags of pace and and eye for the line. With the right development, could become a truly world class player with the ability to unlock any defense. Topsy Ojo and David Lemi were also on inspired wing form this season, while Ben Cohen and Sean Lamont were a constant threat at Northampton. Tom Biggs did well in a struggling Leeds side.

    15. Delon Armitage - Been superb all season. Even managed to push my Saints favourite Bruce Reihana into second. Lightning pace, and great timing coming into the line make him a wonderful attacker to have on your shoulder.
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  3. kick2touch

    kick2touch Guest

    sebastian chabal plays for france
  4. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest


    Team pretty much is spot-on. Sale's back row is the best in Europe.
  5. :huh:

    And what?

    This is a Guiness Premiership team of the season, not an English selection...

    Glad you agree with my decision Harrison.
  6. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Everything Harrison said.
  7. kick2touch

    kick2touch Guest

    It says under chabal something along the lines of
    "i have no idea what he has to do to get a English call-up"
  8. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    "Run close by James Forrester. No idea what the lad has to do to get a shot with England."

  9. What he said.
  10. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    Note how many of the English players in that team have more than 1 cap...

    Great to see English rugby rewarding the form players in the GP with a go on the big stage. <_<
  11. Especially in the backs. Imagine Spencer pulling the string with that lot around him.

    Be almost as good as Saints...;)
  12. Just thought I'd compare the Sky dream team to mine (Sky team in Blue, my selection in Red):

    1. T Windo/ Matt Stevens
    2. M Regan / Rafael Ibanez
    3. C Visagie / Julian White
    4. D Grewcock/ Alex Brown
    5. B Kay/ Steve Borthwick
    6. M Salter/ Jason White
    7. M Lund/ Magnus Lund
    8. J-M Leguizamon/ Sebastien Chabal

    9. J Marshall/ Shaun Perry
    10. C Spencer/ Carlos Spencer

    11. T Voyce/ Matthew Tait
    12. M Catt/ Mike Catt
    13. M Tait/ Jon Clarke
    14. T Varndell/ Tom Varndell
    15. M Burke/ Delon Armitage

    I think mine is better personally...
  13. I'd have Topsy Ojo on the other wing from Varndell.
  14. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Not a big fan of the Sky team?
  15. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Any real fan puts Marshall, Voyce and Regan in a TOTS is a friggin moron. For so-called 'experts' to do it is a joke.
  16. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    Regan has had a very good season though, and whilst we may disagree about Voyce at an international level, there is no doubting his ability to score tries at club level.
  17. A lot of the Sky team seems to have been picked on reputation, rather than how they actually performed during the season.

    Visagie, for example, has been injured half the season and hardly had any impact.

    Ibanez has been better than Regan, as shown by his recall to the French national team.

    Matt Salter hasn't been bad, but Jason White has been superb at 6 all season.

    Tom Voyce is overated.

    Justin Marshall's club got relegated...
  18. Boy

    Boy Guest

    Marshall was the sole reason that Leeds even put up a fight this season. The way he almost single handedly carried that team is commendable.

    You can't say that Sky have based their team on reputations when they choose Leguizamon ahead of Chabal or Tony Windo ahead or someone like Stevens (who hasn't played since early February).

    While we're talking TOTS, the official Guiness Premiership Try Of The Season was Zak Feaunati's effort for Bath against Bristol, Available to download here. It's not a great quality picture, but it's intended for your phone, so you should be able to Bluetooth it.
  19. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Considering it was Leeds though, that's still like saying 'the hottest fat chick'.

    Marshall sucked this season, end of.
  20. marshall shud be in there....
    just becoz he's Kiwi... and reihana as well!
  21. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    f*** that reason. Marshall should be locked in the tower, whereas Reihana has been may off form most of the season. Hopefully he'll get back to form next year.
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