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Is haka the only war dance in the game...or is there like the fijian cibi or even the pacific islanders cibitau
unfortunately.....yes.....thats pretty gay... but we now know that this is a good foundation for next year...we'll be expecting all of the wardances and the 2 hakas!
This topic has been done before many times.

And although we haven't had any definite answer from locks etc., most of us believe that only the Haka is in the game.
Hell, The NZ Maoris Haka isn't in it considering they motion captured the All Blacks one!!
I only thing I KNOW for a fact is that the All Blacks DO have their Haka, but the NZ Maori DO NOT.

I didn't get a chance to check Tonga, Fiji & Samoa.

If I was to have at a guess, my guess would be no. Only NZ All Blacks... but I can't say for sure.

Jamie Gough

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