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Hawkes Bay win Wellington lol

Typical Wellington, **** hot one week, an embarassment the next. Good on Hawkes Bay.
So what do we learn from this? Weeeelll....

Hawke's Bay are quite good
Wellington are ok
Southland aren't THAT bad
Otago are horrible, so are Northland and Harbour
And Taranaki are a disgrace :)
I was at this game, what a game.

Not really much of a Hawkes Bay fan, but I have never seen a crowd that good. Right from the let go they smelt blood, and towards the end whenever Hawkes Bay stopped Wellington to retain the lead the place just erupted, it was like a jumbo jet. Don't know what it must 've been on TV, but it was bloody loud.

And Neemia Tialata will now have learnt not to try the dirty stuff in the line outs - was knocked out cold by one punch by the HB Prop.
Typical Wellington, **** hot one week, an embarassment the next. Good on Hawkes Bay. [/b]

Yeah I agree wellington has a habit of doing stupid **** like that. Even though im a supporter im glad Hawkes Bay won, we would of robbed them if we got a drop goal. Wellington needs to be more consistant we are our worst enemy.
Yeah i really hate Gopperth i hope he dies! DIES! DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clint Newland has been banned for 10 weeks.

So he f***ing should.

There is no place for that in the game.

Also with the fact that Hawkes bay beat Welly, makes us (southland) look abit less bad :p
Yeah i think 10 weeks is fair....he will miss the rest of the cup. Regardless of whether tialata was interferring you don't respond by knocking a player out.

Apparently due to the classfication of the incident he could have ended up with a maximum 52 weeks
Thats amazing i didnt see the game were wellington just **** and had a bad game?

o yeah and was it a good punch on tialata is it on u tube or n e thing
he king hit him.

it was a ood punch, but it was dirty, tialata wasnt even looking in the same direction.
Gotta make the comment on Hawkes Bay claiming another big scalp!!

With the weekends win over Waikato all but securing a top4 finish (and a home quarter final) for the Magpies, I wonder if the doubters of the ANZ Cup can finally agree that the NZRU got it right by going for 14 teams.
to bad they couldnt claim aucklands scalp. i think next year will be interesting

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