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Headed back towards the pitch



Well, tonight I officially head back to the pitch and start my ugly road back to being a full fledged rugger. I've not played in about a year. What made me decide to come back into the fold? Thanks for asking...
Over the last month I've been bombarded by chance encounters with people from the club. I normally don't ever see these people outside of the club. Two joined at my gymn, others came into my pub, and then yesterday, my company hired a new guy, and lo and behold, he was a member of the St. Louis Bombers as well. It was as if God were saying, "Nate, quit being a lazy git and go spread forth the good word!" and by good word, I can only assume he meant playing rugby.
So, say a prayer, light a candle, and have a drink, as I lace up the ole boots and punish my body for the lack of cardiovascular discipline I've needed.
It's weird. You take a week off from the game and you're anxious to get back onto the field, dying to play again. Take a year off and you feel like it's the first time you're ever going to be playing rugby.
You remember the big hits (but forget they don't hurt that much).
I'm out til start of next season thanks to my cruciate ligament...i'll be bricking myself come first come back, i know i will.
Brave man O'Roth, i tilt my hat to you!

Enjoy it!
Great to hear it Nate!!!

I just wish I could play, I have now officially been ruled out of playing for a long time unless I have an operation on my knee, which they wont do unless I go Private... so that rules that out then... I can still play Footie (soccer), but I am recovering from pulling the ligaments in my knee, which is causing me a lot of pain...

But I do have this hunger to get back on the pitch, and flattening people... Scrummaging as well, I miss it all so much... the adreneline pumping when you get that ball and you dip your shoulder to ride the tackle... the blood the sweat, this is Rugby!!!

As I miss the passion, I am very close to taking up coaching, unless you all want to donate money to get me playing again ;)
Best of luck lads.

I'm actually a bit jealous 'cause I've recently called time on my 5-a-side game. This was the last vestiges of my sport playing days...everyone was pulling out every week with sore knees and baby-sitting issues. This meant each and every Tuesday it fell to me to chase everyone round all day either cofirming or cancelling....then getting home and letting the wife know what was going on with our evening.

I really miss it though. We've just dusted off our bikes after winter. Long way to go on the fitness levels there.

We were cycling round the south of Liverpool and I was struggling up the hill where Strawberry Fields is. I was getting murdered by the incline but couldn't stop 'cause there was a camera crew doing some Beatles thing and if I'd have got off and pushed my shame might well have been captured on tape.

Whenever you hear the song or see this picture think of me struggling up the opposite side of the road.

Man.. this is scary... I dont wanna be a criple when I'm old.. :( I still wanna play rugby when I'm 89... :p
Good luck to you, ive only gone back after a 2 year break this last month and i have to say in loving it. To be honest though i could barely walk the day after my first game back.
It's weird. You take a week off from the game and you're anxious to get back onto the field, dying to play again. Take a year off and you feel like it's the first time you're ever going to be playing rugby.

I know that feeling well.

Haven't been able to play a competitive match for 2 years now, but stepping onto the pitch for a trial game back in October was the greatest feeling.

I was as nervous as I've probably ever been, having to step up to the mark playing with and against guys who had been playing solidly all the time I was out.

Once you get going though, the adrenaline rush just takes you and there isn't time to worry about anything than what is just in front of you.

Felt like my lungs were going to explode during the first 15 minutes, but it doesn't take long to get back into the swing of reading the game like you've never been away.

Playing at fullback, I managed to scythe down an opposing winger who had hacked the ball through and was about the score, by timing my dive to coincide with that fraction of a second just after he kicked the ball. The first tackle back is a real confidence boost as well. Bringing down the rampaging 2nd XV flanker certainly made me feel good about myself. Happy days. :D

Hope to repeat the feeling properly next season, now that I'm finally all patched up.

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