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Regarding the upcoming event


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Sep 12, 2011
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Couple of questions

Who's organizing the fantasy thingie this time? I understand you guys want me out. I get it. Fear is a powerful force, but come on. I'll give you a shot, promise.

When are the hordes expected to arrive? Oly? Week before WC starts? I trust all the details have been diligently taken care of and that everyone is aware i should be addressed as Your Magesty, Highness, the Gold Light of the Forums or God's gift to Rugby. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Unrelated but since i caught your attention: does anyone have any news on Heineken? Miss the old bugger. Don't tell him tho.

PS: didnt know where to put this thread. Move if you deem fit.
I'm not into fantasy rugby (lose interest after round 1) so will leave it for someone else to organise if we want a TRF one - would have genuinely no idea where to start

I reckon traffic will start to go up from the opening game and then England game days will be a car crash, as will big NZ and SA games

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