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Heineken Cup 2022/23: Quarter Finals

I'm sorry, how was that a tackle and not a maul? No consistency from Brace as usual
Dulin literally looked for Mako to run into him

Interesting they didn't roll that TMO review a little longer to check the high tackle on the Sarries 9
Ref's forgotten his cards,that's as blatant as blatant can be
I have to say I really rate this "Powerful Serge" that's playing well for Saracens.

(Meanwhile, Brace still a dick)
Great defence to hold Earl up

Edit: Never seen an out on the full from a goal line before
I take it back after this weekend Leinster shouldn't have much to worry about in Dublin really

Def favs
Quick ball scrum required

And they messed it up
Captain America Lol GIF by mtv
Yellow card is fair, I thought they were gonna go red

The La Rochelle players kicking off at the ref is pretty funny after the way they've played the game today
Just watching dumb play after dumb play by Saracens today
Just Sums it up that gets looked at over and over and punished, the amount of none LR incidences not looked at, this has to stop.

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