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  • Munster (Has To Be)

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  • Scarlets

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  • Biarritz

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  • Leicester

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  • Stade Francais

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  • Leinster

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  • Wasps

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  • Northampton

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  • Ospreys

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Biarritz will win. Because they'e the best frickin' team in the competition.

Shouldn't expect too much from Munster this year, Leinster stand a better chance than they.
I think Munster will retain the Heineken Cup this year because, as with many people have said, Munster are the team to beat..
We have the best forward pack in the Europe, perhaps even in the World at Club level.. Our backs have grown and, before when we could not produce great back-line moves, we can show our class not only in the forwards but out in the backs..
We have a balance which we have shown and proving..

We are the team to beat, and who is confident that they can beat us? No one..
Leinster don't have a scrum and have proven these last 2 weeks that without a kicker we won't be beating top class sides in this competition, now we know Conters will be back in the New Year but who is to say he won't get injured again and we'll be back in this situation. Plus to win this competition we'll have to beat Munster who psychologically have the edge on us and doesn't matter what the circumstances I just cannot see Munster losing to Leinster in the HEC, the mickey mouse league is irrelevant to games in this competition.

I think Munster will win it again, I haven't seen a team that looks capable of beating them in this competition this season.

The Welsh sides have improved but Llanelli's defence will let them down in the knockout stages.

Biarritz will be cold in terms of proper European matches going into the knockout stages so I can't see them getting to the final this year.

Paris have the same problem as Leinster, you can't win this competition without a kicker and that's not something they're going to solve unlike Leinster who can.
Munster, but we've got to sort out the midfield attack. The players are there, it's just a question of mixing it up and maybe giving Halstead a rest (and Kelly). If it ain't happening out the backs, and you've got good backup in the squad, then backup!

I guess Biarritz have as good a chance, but I haven't seen much of them.

If Sale make it through and get back to strength they're my favourites. They clamped down on every aspect of SF's game today - maul and lineout, plus Chabal was smart enough to rescue the scrums, plus they defended backline attacks with ease but without going offside. And Robinson makes the right decisions under pressure, no matter what Saint Andre thinks. No tries today, but that will come from a full strength side. Will they get through?
A win over the Ospreys at EP and there's a chance for the runners up spot... Although it looks like 15+ points will be needed to pick one of them up this year, which is a big target for them. If they don't win their last 2 games, they're definately out.
Well Saints are a given with 20 at least, possibly 21 depending on the result against Biarritz.

Elsewhere it's between Leicester/Sale/Ospreys. Tough ask for all 3, Leicester will need a losing bp in Munster, and given English teams record there in January I can't see that happening too easy but possible nonetheless, nothing more than 2 wins will do for both Sale and the Ospreys, you've got to say it's an easier task for Sale but the bp home to the Ospreys is a big ask as it is for the Ospreys in getting 2 wins from their final games. Jesus it's so bloody complicated.
leinster, theyve beaten agen two times in a row in back to back weeks, its hard enough to beat a team twice in a year, but beating them back to back in consecutive weeks is a testament to this teams skill level

once conters is back i feel they have a shot at the cup, considering their backs are performing outstanding so far this year.
and the forwards are fronting up as well which is great but if we have to face Munster I just don't think we can beat them so we're going to need a serious favour from elsewhere.
meh, semi final was in perfect conditions for Leinster yet we still got a good tonking.
yea but remember the ML match earlier this season with the weather

if we can get that i think we could beat em again
Don't think Leinster have what it takes, yet. There's more steel in their last two matches, but you can't win the HEC when your front row is going through the mince grinder.

Bring on Thomond and we'll all see - with or without Conti.
sure there's none of us at full strength, junkie is still in the front row and a liability, and you're without Foley and Quinlan now and we still don't have Green back, the main reason our scrum's been in shite this season but analysts seem quick to forget this when talking about Leinster, bit of a difference between Will Green and some randomer plucked from the Cook Islands.
This has turned into the "Which Irish province will win the Heineken?" thread. I hope Serge Blanco doesn't read it, or the French will pack their bags and leave the tournament. God, we'll miss them.
It does have that feeling alright but we seriously can't be getting complacent, there's still plenty of work to be done for Leinster and Munster just need to keep focused cause Leicester are one of the few teams around capable of winning a HEC game at Thomond Park, granted I still don't think it will happen but Munster need to be on their guard nonetheless.

One possible downfall for the Irish sides is that there will be no home advantage in the knockout stages with Lansdowne out of action for Leinster and even for Munster they won't be able to play a home quarter final at Thomond with the redevelopment starting at the end of February.
This has turned into the "Which Irish province will win the Heineken?" thread. I hope Serge Blanco doesn't read it, or the French will pack their bags and leave the tournament. God, we'll miss them.

I think he doesn't speak English so no risk, anyway at the moment what he's focusing on is on how much money the clubs he represent can make of the H-cup.

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