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He needs a good kick in the boll*cks.

Charlotte needs a good slap aswell.
If he was anywhere near as good as he thinks he is, he'd be awesome.

The man is a terrible, terrible c*nt.
I laugh at the ***le of his book... "My Grand Slam Year"

Basically what did he do in Six Nations for Wales... That Kick and that one tackle, I never rated him much during the Six Nations... And as for his performance on the Lions tour, i can officially say he was not worth his place on the tour... Also believe that maybe the welsh side should consider dropping him, for his words in his book....
No place in rugby for such a big ego...

Wales can keep playing him though, and they will, they don't exactly have many centres.

Tait to embarrass him in 2008 by running rings around him.
Originally posted by loratadine@Nov 9 2005, 08:13 AM
tait will own henson one day, hes the definition of potential
henson has potential aswell was tait young player of the year?
Tait will not own henson
fair enough tait will improve so will henson
and it will be a good contest but heno will win
I disagree, Tait has shown potential and he hasnt shown much on the itnernational front, but getting a call up at such an early age cannot be a bad thing.

He is showing talent, and commitment. Which is what we want in this kind of sport, Henson is on the other hand, I must admit, he HAS played well before Wales started doing so. He obviousley see's Wales glory moments as a opportunity to gloat furthermore, he should be dropped. Mainly because, his team mates cannot see the funny side of his attitude, and quite frankly its probably having an immediatte affect on the national side, Wales can play, but when they have an ego maniac taking control and all the glory, what is the point of playing?

You are just kicking your country, your pride, and your self-respect right in the teeth.

Take him out before the whole team fall's apart.
Henson has let the popularity which is not even the fraction of the size as people like Beckham have, get to his head. Some games I've seen of Henson are pretty good, But hes obsessed with himself.
He just loves himself too much, and that is just not what the sport needs.
our sports never had it in the first place...look at our stars like wilkinson,lomu,carter,bod,umaga,mccaw,robinson,gregan,caucau(mind u cant speak english)..all quite humble and recognise OTHERS....

there will alwayz be the odd ones outtie..and brian o'driscoll is one of them hahahahah

nahhhh jus playn..i like henson solid player but id like to sit him down and play him the 2nd lions game against the abs..when carter slapped his face with a perfect fend and then proceeded to run burger rings around him and score a try

BULLE KAKKE!!!..henson ya bulle kakke...settle down no one in the welsh team is bigger than the feenicks...all wateva dat **** is
Originally posted by loratadine@Nov 10 2005, 04:50 AM
bulle kakke, henson is a descent player
No, not decent, not even if you spell it wrong. Over-rated.
Originally posted by THE CHIROPRACTOR101@Nov 9 2005, 03:30 PM
when carter slapped his face with a perfect fend and then proceeded to run burger rings around him and score a try
Umaga scored the try...
Originally posted by wigan_rlfc@Nov 10 2005, 06:44 AM
Henson is a pudding.


Genius expression.

Henson isn't a very typical rugby player. Footballers court publicity, but rugby players (both codes) tend to keep themself. Even Jonny Wilkinson, the most famous player in the Northern Hemisphere, prefers to keep himself to himself.

Henson will end up being washed up and a has been with no friends by the time he's 26 if he carries on like he is going.

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