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Hey No offense to anyone

Originally posted by Humphreys@Mar 15 2005, 12:36 PM
actually make that 63
How many minute halves -- I'm having trouble believing this is on Hard difficulty, honestly.
... how long was each half???

- if that is on Hard, you must be very good indeed... but something tells me you're not on hard difficulty...

try replaying the game again and definately checking the difficulty and see if you can repeat it or come some way close to it?

EDIT: okay... 10 min halves, got ye - don't think you were on hard then buddy!
Originally posted by Humphreys@Mar 15 2005, 12:38 PM
10 and same here
well, I can only suggest that you play it again and this time remember if you put the game on Hard difficulty -- because when you finish, the game will not say what difficulty level you are on --

Unless, you go to My Rugby and look at your personal records -- 63 points might be some kind of record on Hard Difficulty and therefore the Red checkmark will be highlighted on that record, or your conversion record or whatever record.

Check your Personal Records in My Rugby for colored check marks.
yep, do as capt. says and go to the records information ...

if you can see a "red" checkmark (tick) beside that wonderful score line, well done to you ...

... but personally I'd need to see a screen shot of the tick to believe it... 63pts on hard mode... already?? just don't think so dude
is there ways of lookin trhu hard and normal and everything????coz if not i have 105 points on easy mode lol
15/11/1997: Ireland 15 - 63 New Zealand

That's almost exactly your score. Where's the problem again?
no problem with the scoreline lemon ... its the ability to put that many points on the board in hard mode is where I am having the difficulty

... if he can do it fair play, but j'eez he must be very good in a very short space of time

EDIT: also, the game is called Rugby 2005 and not Rugby 1997...
true lol but all i do is open open open find the gap get the support srpint fuillback gets me i pass it out TRY!
I'm gonna go give it a go now myself Humps ... pick NZ v Eire at 10min halves and see how I get on

I'll be back in 20mins!
Originally posted by Humphreys@Mar 15 2005, 12:09 PM
well in my opinion again Canada is Shiet o well no offense but can this be possible Hard Mode 28-7 28 minutes on the game im Nz agaisnt ireland!!
Canada hammered Tonga in the world cup with a watered down side so don;'t go spouting off nonsense
just tried the NZ v Eire game, 10min halves and hard difficulty.... final score 17 - 6 to NZ...

I did miss about 3/4 good try scoring opportunities (not passing when the fullback was about to tackle or thinking I'd make the extra yard to the line only to be stopped short) and my goal kicking was poor (2 missed conversions - but I blame that on sitting too close to the tv screen!

I think it is possible, if you are very clinical with your finishing and if you aim to exploit the little flaws in the gameplay (or at least at the start)... but it will take me a very long time indeed to become good enough to score 63 points in a game on hard mode through pure rugby means...

anyways, fair play to you Humps... you got game
No 1 knows the full story italy and canada got there players released from club rugby not tonga.

ask anyone who follows tongan rugby and you know what those guys who were at the world cup were not our best team.

we didnt have taumoepeau who played for the blues where was aleki lutui who plays for the chiefs how bout epeleli taione or siua taumalolo seti kiole,tevita tiueti salesi finau.

tonga samoa and fiji produce some of the greatest players in rugby but its a shame we cant get players out of club commitments to represent they're country.

well now that willie-o is tongas head coach and daniel manu technical advisor and toutai kefu coming to asst them after his club commitments im sure you will see a full strength tongan team at the next rugby world cup.

coach jim love i think was stubborn to picking tongans from nz australia and japan and guys like taukafa who were either droped in 96 or could never make a tongan team if a tongan coach or any one sensible had the head job.

i follow canadian rugby as well and no oofence but high school rugby is no where near tongas high school level.in 2001 apifo'ou tongas number 1 high school at the time toured nz and the paper said they were going to learn they came back undefeated i dont think they played auckland grammar im not sure.

but our players get contracts in new zealand and australia after high school.im not saying were better than nz ahahaa cause we mostly warm the benches for super 12 teams or developement teams mayb 1 or 2 or 3 of us make the all blacks.
sorry to bug anyone but i couldnt find rugby 2005s tongan squad can anyone post the default team or post evry player you can pick when going to the world cup
and that canadian team at the 2003 world cup was the best you had at the moment

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