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Hong Kong Sevens

*shakes head*...how can Henry Paul..(reminds me of paul henry..you know the guy on breakfast..the show on tv1 in the mornings lol)...play for England.. :(

Ohwell ima over it :D
Seriously who really cares about the 7's? It is strictly a development tool and early talent identification.

Sure it is great to win tournaments and commonwealth gold and other stuff but really all the 7's are really there for is to give Super 14 franchises a look at some talent that is coming through the ranks.

Every time that a new talent emerges a Super 14 franchise will come in and offer them a professional contract - this is great overall for NZ talent and the NZRFU obviously encourages it.

All it means is that the New Zealand team will always lose talent as it is identified. And this isn't a bad thing even if they lose their stranglehold on the series.
I used to really enjoy watching the Hong Kong 7's on TV3 in NZ no matter who was playing.

But since TVNZ got the rights their coverage has really sucked even during the Commonwealth games.
i went to see it actually brilliant game!! so glad England won during extra time!

We did soooo badly in the London sevens though missing Tait and Varndell!

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