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how do u find hard.



i am in the second season of world league on hard mode. The first season i found it frustartin but in the second season i havent lost a match. So if ur on hard mode dont give up ull get dominance in the end.
Same feeling here. Once I get the DIV 1 trophy I think I will start over and not buy such good players. i think i might make a rule for myself that I can only buy the players under 36 points on the bargain list that someone posted. I might limit myself to 2 trades per season also.
i dont like to talk myself up, but i still found the first games of wl on hard way too easy....
The first time that I played on hard (All Blacks v Scotland, I think) I was like oh my god how hard is this. But after the first half I got to grips with it and realised that if you change the way that you normally play you should be able to deal with it.

It is hard to deal with the ai's rush defence at first and I am sure that even the most experienced player still gets smashed way behind the advantage line.

I am about to start a world league competition on hard and I guess that will be a good test to see how I can deal with the hard level.

I have already won a world cup and ten nations on hard but haven't tried anything else.

And oh yeah I find that on hard the ai still can't manage many tries against me.
well I beat Biarritz 120-3 but have assembled a new world league comp I call:

WL super edition -

I have played about ten seasons of world league and have assessed who usually makes up the first division eventually and who remains there - many start and remain there too......

Thus I squad manage the teams and use created players to prop up and make the teams awesome....and then I buy good players but players who are not from these teams and only from teams in second or third division who aren't going to be promoted....they must also not have pace over 86.


* Never play as a team that is good as the cpu

* teams to change as follows:

- London Wasps: I have added Spencer, Van Nie Kirk and created players with 99/100 pace/agility/strength etc including Sivivatu, Vidiri, a transferred Caucau, Lomu, Koonwaiyou etc....they are devastating in forwards and backs...when the winger catches the ball the speed goes on and it is electric...they all have three stars each too.
- Leicester - just add a few excellent players from any of Hurricanes, Warratahs etc....who will not be in div 1.
- Blues....added pumped up McAllister and a couple of others.....
- Brumbies....I have added a created Samo on the flank with Smith and two young 100/100/100 and 3 stars wingers - afoaminga and megafreshy....they are dynamite.
- Stormers (sometimes there/sometimes not)
- Gloucester
- Crusaders....added created Gear (100s and 3 stars)...created Laulala, created Tuali'i. created MacDonald etc....

* In player editor in my rugby you can overwrite created players...by randomising the face, you don't need to take any time changing the stats - they remain adjusted and you can hurtle through created players pretty fast.

* I have players in my team who are good but not overly fast...but my tries have got better and beter as a result, as has my play in general....
- Nonu
- Umaga
- Booi
- Reihana
- Nawali! (he's fast enough and his bad hands add an edge to play!!)
- Yachvili at hb....
(I have only Vetiyaki (huge prop) in the forwards)
Yet I am still about to go into 1st division with a 1st place in div 2 (I won div 3) if I win 1 of the last 2 games (but must win both to pay maintenance points or game over...cool!!)...but the games have become heaps better......I lost to said London wasps team (pumped -up one) in the final of semi-final of the knockout trophy:
25-19.......really great game.....(have had a fortnight away from game admittedly)

* Put people in rucks.
* Go to tackle with the first person you are given from a ruck unless desperate.
* Only buy 3 forwards in total.....or make them all name players whose stats are not up to much at all.....Williams, Vetiyaki, Kopelani, Dunning etc.......

all these things if implemented will make game last another 2 weeks.....at least.
trust me.


PS - to turn scrums.....diagonal up left when going from right to left and diagonal down/right when going from left to right....do it from outset, NOT once you have aimed straight....hold hook at same time for good measure and you can spin the scrum (doesn't work every time....and is timing dependant)....but if it is on...this IS how it works.

- when kicking for goal it is better to err slightly left of the line than slightly right (if zero wind...if you know what I mean)

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