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How old is too old?


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Oct 24, 2011
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Hey people. Just looking for some points of view on age.

I'm 27 and wondering if I'm being a bit ambitious with looking at potentially playing rugby?

I started an extensive diet program in May (was just shy of 24 stone) and have so far lost just over 5 stone. I am aiming to lose another 3-4 stone to take me to around 15 stone early-mid next year and then will be looking at something to keep me active and build fitness/definition

Would I be daft to think I could be a beginner at this age?
Not at all, its a simple game at heart and as long as you enjoy it its the main thing. You should have another 20-30 years left after you start, position pending, so get involved ;)
Thanks for the reply.
What would you say is the best way to progress as far as training? Should I stick to cardio or incorporate strength training, stamina, endurance, speed etc?
Up until now I've mainly done light-moderate cardio (walking/jogging and cycling).
I would assume position will have a lot to do with the type of training. I am unsure what position would be best for me. I am 6'4".

I would like to start putting together a programme that will build me up to a decent fitness level to join my local club in the new year.
I think the most important now is to get acquainted with playing the game. Get a rugby ball and throw it around as much as you can, and start training in a rugby field asap. Fitness will come, but given that you're starting rather late, there is a lot in which you need to catch up technically and (especially) tactically.
Yup you are never really to old to start playing at all , we have a guy who started this year at 28 , great player played a few games for the firsts too.
never to old to start or still play. I am 39, will be 40 next season, and plan to play until I can play a men's game with my boy. He is currently 6.

To be honest, i have found a renewed desire to play. Just moved to a town and we will face my old club next season plenty of drive to train and smash them.
27 is young, dont be compare pro rugby with grassroots rugby. There are guys I know in their 50s playing vets and 4th team games and trust me they are hardly fitness fanantics!
What the others have said. Most clubs have social teams or teams for ex-firsts, which people play rugby at a decent enough level well into their 50's. You sound like you'd make a good #8 if you can run hard from the back of a scrum.
if you are good enough , you are young enough, and vice versa. fair play with your diet, respect
if you are good enough , you are young enough, and vice versa. fair play with your diet, respect
27 is young compare to 50 (me). Problem is the work and family life. I you are free, I' am sure the more you trained the more you gained in resistance and force. In another way you can compare Rugby with chess. Played with your head as well yuo played with your muscles; read Sun tzu treaty of war.
But do familiarise yourself with the basics and take it slow, watch a few training sessions first maybe to see what your local club do so you know the score when you start. The most important thing is to enjoy it
Good luck!
This is the best answer in my humble opinion. Mind you I am not sure I agree with the latter "Vice Versa" It you are young enough you are good enough ;). I'm 25 and I can confirm I am a terrible Rugby player.

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