Hurricanes 2006 Squad

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by philbe, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. philbe

    philbe Guest

    just a little prediction

    01. John Schwalger
    02. Andrew Hore
    03. Neemia Tialata
    04. Jason Eaton
    05. Ross Filipo
    06. Jerry Collins
    07. Chris Masoe
    08. Rodney So'oialo
    09. Peri Weepu
    10. Jimmy Gopperth
    11. Ma'a Nonu
    12. Tana Umaga ©
    13. Conrad Smith
    14. Lome Fa'atau
    15. Shannon Paku

    16. Mike Noble
    17. Tim Dow
    18. Luke Andrews
    19. Ben Herring
    20. David Gibson
    21. Tamati Ellison
    22. Hose Gear

    23. Tim Fairbrother
    24. Paul Tito
    25. Serge Lilo
    26. Tane Tuipulotu
    27. Roy Kinikinilau
    28. George Pisi

    Thomas Waldrom will go to the Highlanders to get game time, Ross Kennedy & kristian Ormsby will get picked up in the draft
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  3. Southern man

    Southern man Guest

    The Hurricanes are very low on locks, With Filipo going back to the Crusaders, Andrews looking to go to Japan and Ormsby going to Counties. Not to mention that fact that Ross Kennedy is one of the more overrated players walking around New Zealand. Kane Thompson might get ago after being unwanted by Wellington, But over all a realy lack of quality locks up there.
  4. tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiito
  5. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    Props: Schwalger, Tialata, McDonnell, Fairbrother / Penn
    Hookers: Ward, Hore
    Locks: Tito, Kennedy, Eaton, Draft lock / Thompson
    Loosies: Herring, Masoe, Collins, So'oilo, Waldrom, Lilo / Willis / Draft
    Halfbacks: Weepu, Lee
    Inside backs: Gopperth, Ellison, Mafi, Umaga, Smith, Nonu
    Outsides: Fa'atau, Gear, Paku, Kinikinilau
  6. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    ....wouldn't be surprised if David Howell ends up there as back up first five(presuming he is playing super 12??) on the draft as the blues are unlikely to pick him up.............

    Same old problem for the Canes however, lack of a decent tight five platform for the excellent backline to operate from - especially at the end of the season when the forwards really need to step up.
  7. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    I don't think we would even want to go for Holwell if he is in the draft. Gopperth has proved the goods and Ellison is a more than capable replacement if need be. Holwell isn't really that good anyway, he was only rated when people realised that we didn't have much backup but really he wasn't missed at all.

    As for our tight five, I think its just the locks that we will be missing. Tialata is a class player, he was so destructive against Canterbury and made Summerville look like a fool. Hooker there is Ward and Hore who have been playing well. Its just really loosehead (McDonnel and Schwalger are nothing to write home about) and lock that are lacking.
  8. Southern man

    Southern man Guest

    Apparently Ward will be off up North next year, So the Canes will need another back up hooker. Personally I hope they take Schwalger back.
  9. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    That sucks if that is true about Ward. He has really been in better form this season for Harbour. Schwalger (Hk) is nothing more that an oaf. He sucks at throwing and has little impact around the field. Mahoney is not S14 quality either. Draft hookers will be pretty slim

    Lets look at last years team and make changes to what will happen this year:
    Luke Andrews - going North, replace with Eaton
    Isaac Boss - gone North, replace with Lee
    Riki Flutey - gone North, replace with Ellison
    Kristian Ormsby - gone North, may come back in the draft although a specialist lock would be prefered.
    Scott Waldrom - injured, replace with Lilo
    Brent Ward - not available in the draft anymore, perhaps Tagitakibau or a draft fullback such as Pisi or Clare
    Joe Ward - rumoured to go North. No notable replacement.

    Plus players like Tim Fairbrother, Tane Tuipolotu and Hosea Gear have been out of form and struggled to even make the Wellington bench, could be replaced with Schwalger, Mafi and Kinikinilau respectivley.

    Jerry Collins, Lome Faatau, Jimmy Gopperth, Ben Herring, Andrew Hore, Ross Kennedy, Chris Masoe, Joe McDonnell, Maa Nonu, Shannon Paku, Tony Penn, Conrad Smith, Rodney Sooialo, Neemia Tialata, Paul Tito, Tana Umaga ©, Thomas Waldrom and Piri Weepu should all keep their spots.
  10. philbe

    philbe Guest

    Danny Lee sucks, we will be able to get a better halfback in the draft
  11. Hypnotised

    Hypnotised Guest

    I hope Eaton turns out to be good, because as has been mentioned, we are seriously lacking quality at locks currently. I think Tialata will continue to be our best prop, but I think McDonell is actually a fair loosehead.

    Backs should be destructive again this year, and as long as Conrad stays fit he'll supply the wings and distribute well as he usually does.
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