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I have just..



..gotten the best school schedule of my life

my day consists of a 8 15 to 12 45 day... 4 hour day :D
well for the first semester its coz i have a free mod 1-2 which means instead of goin in at 7 22 i go in at 8 15

and then at the end of the day i have mods 13-16 off, which means i can go home early at 12 45
Ive added up the complete amount of time in the class room each day...4.17 hours on monday, thursday and friday...3.33 hours tuesday...2.5 hours wednesday
Originally posted by ..::ERIC::..@Aug 20 2006, 02:06 PM
4 hour school days, no wonder Americans are so damn stupid.

i used to have seven hour days.. but it played out well this year :D
Well my timetable beats that hands down. I've got 3 subjects, every day I finnish at half 2 and have 2 and a half hours of free periods throughout the day. On a monday, I don't go in till 11.15 and on a friday I finnish at 9.50!

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