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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by woosaah, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    Wasnt going to do any shopping but my gf wanted vaccum cleaner bags. so i was at harvey norman and this lady came up to us and started talking to us. just turned out that my girlfriend used to nanny for them and work for them at their store that they owned. they owned harvey norman.

    so i went for a wounder and found a universal remote, i have always wanted one, and i can never find a remote at home as it is. but yeah i got one :) it was 299, down to 249 on special. then my gf came over and was talking to me with the other lady, the salesman looked at me and said, i can take an extra 50 off that if you want. i wasnt going to say no :)

    got home started playing with it, its pre programmed with sky, my tv, dvd player and video.

    and even better if i get my pc going again i can put in my tv tuner card and my receiver and i can use it for that as well, but that maybe a bit to geeky.

    i have to set up my projector again and i can set it up for that as well.

    its a nice touch screen job as well and if it doesnt do what i want it to do i can program it to do what i want.

    nice little pressie for myself :)
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  3. this reminds of that time that i went to australia and brought a pony for 20 dollars!!!..and then i ate it...
  4. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    right thanks for that chiro.

    anyway i needed something since i have lost my tv and my video remote :) its really handy :)
  5. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    I was gonna get one of those programmable ones but I think I will leave it til I buy my own house and make it into media heaven...
  6. DC

    DC Guest

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. melon

    melon Guest

    I've always wanted a universal remote :lol: ...one that pauses and stops and rewinds and fast forwards people just like on that movie! B)
  8. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

  9. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    yeah thats the one, i feel like watching that movie now actually, but will wait til after the sevens is over :) i love working from home
  10. esoj

    esoj Guest

    nah bro no such thing as too geeky when it comes to a man's entertainment. every man deserves to watch tv , play video games with the best possible set-up. if it becomes too geeky it means the women is in control and won't let you buy more things that you need. you need the ideal set-up especially for whn the boys come over.
  11. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    well said esoj, i was thinking along those lines as well.

    ive always wanted a tv tuner for the pc but at moment im a broke ass, stupid bills and saving to move to the goldcoast, why cant i win lotto, i suppose i need to buy a ticket first..............
  12. melon

    melon Guest

    You should move out here to Orange! Good rugby country!
  13. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest


  14. Woosah's remote.... getofmeland's chair... I need to do some catching up technology wise!
  15. get a channel where you can watch the NRL..you will be advanced in rugby league most certainly
  16. Ah, but I'm not paying £15 a month for Setanta. Not just yet anyway.
  17. melon

    melon Guest

    You should definitely do it...15 pounds is a great price to watch the best Rugby League competition on earth, but only if you get to see all games lol.
  18. The NRL bores me stupid but I will be getting the channel when Premiership football goes on it. BUT this is going rapidly off topic.
  19. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    Not to carry on down the off topic path, but bigpond.com.au has NRL highlights each week, plus the entire games that you can watch online...
  20. melon

    melon Guest

    I'm quite disappointed in you :( ...i though you had some commonsense.

    Oh well not to worry, you have my pity B)

  21. Shall we take a sweep on how long it takes the NRL to find it and shut it down?
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