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I would like abanner for my site!!


Mr. Laxative

Guys, I'm looking for a nice banner for my forum. If anybody feels like make one please use the following text:

Rugby Trading Post this should be in fairly large font.
A Site for ALL Home-recorded Rugby Videos this should be very small and not very obtrusive.

Be creative, make it look good! There's no limit to the number of people who make them - I'll just choose the best.


Mr. Laxative
(formerly Jacko)
Ok, here's my 1st attempt;


I know its very basic, but it may get those creating a banner some ideas :huh:
Yeah... it's good for now!!

Keep trying if you want, but remember, don't really want anything that looks too official in terms of pictures.

EDIT: Right I've got it up, but it isn't quite right....... The links at the top of the page are little obtrusive so if you could raise "A site for....." up a little - it'll be good.

Also, if you look at the Morpheus Red Skin, maybe you could combine that to make it nice and even.
I have resized & repositioned. 'A site for all home-recorded rugby vids'


I will do a different banner. Is there any sort of template for your banner that you would like?
hold your horses there jacko

nice banner gjohn

just do this oen thing real quick, go to your banner there and just open it
make a new layer
ctrl+a will outline the new layer
go edit>stroke, set it to "inside"
then 2 pix white, 1 pix black, and will give it a nice border :)
Cough **using mac** cough **don't have software** cough!!

Do it yourself - so can't understand that....... or were you talking to my god friend G??

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