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i think a good idea is to make a list of players first that deserve to be in the hall of fame...and then we can decide on who is next if this about who is inducted in what order

list of players from my generation...you are going to have ask rassie about the rugby players in 1902..and the dinosaurs of the time of when he was born

zin zan brooke
michael jones
sean fitzpatrick
kieth wood
martin johnson
john eales
david campese
brian "b.g" williams
chester williams
ian jones
olo brown
grant fox

ill add more later

plus ill add somemore to my jonah lomu post like additional stats and pics

feel free to add ya own legends and we can discuss if they are fit to sit in the hall of kings
You are trully a genuine retard! For you information , you nimrod, the best of all in NZ , according to voters, was Colin "Pintree" Meads!

Did you ever heard about him from your tree house, ohj, you lazy islander ! :wall:
you clearly cant read....when did old age kick in rassie?...like 20 centuries ago?

i said my generation

ive seen a couple of his games and sure hes good but i grew up watching zinny,michael jones,fitz..oh you know the guys who went to south africa and beat you in a test series


name someone from your era...like william web ellis
People will not be added to the hall of fame, unless there is an article written about them, thats the whole point of the TRF Hall Of Fame, we are not just going to add a list of players, cos what would be the point in that, we are wanting to make a section which has an interesting set of articles, which will inspire people to write their own articles and put their views to the people of the board...

Work on the lines of an arguementative speech, i dont know whether you ever had these programs elsewhere in the world but people from GB will know what I mean, the program The Greatest Briton or something cant remember its name.... where celebs choose who the they thought was the greatest briton of all time, there was Winston Churchill, Brunnel etc... this is the basis of the Hall of Fame......

So People if you feel a rugby player is worth a place in the Hall of Fame, then Write an article, about them, what they achieved and why you believe they deserve a place in the Legendary TRF Hall of Fame....

I want to see some articles people..... This also goes for the Rugby League Hall of Fame.......